Casino bonuses for new players

There is a lot of competition amongst online casinos as online gambling keeps on increasing in appeal and more online casinos continue establishing themselves all the time. There are a lot of tactics that online casinos have a go at, to draw new customers to their gaming locations, but one of the main ways is using online casino bonuses. There are lots of differing types of casino bonuses that can be discovered and various casinos award a range of these bonuses. The most frequent sort of online casino bonus is the welcome bonus.

New Player Tournaments

Certain online casinos will not constrict their new player awards to a deposit bonus. A few online casinos will also grant new players access to an elite new player freeroll or a specific amount of tickets to a current tournament. This is also a way for the online casino to influence new players to carry on playing at the casino even once they have complied with the wagering requirements on their welcome bonus.

First Deposit Casino Bonus

The first deposit bonus is also referred to as a welcome bonus, a signup bonus or a new player bonus. As the name insinuates, this is a casino bonus that is given to new players when they make their initial deposit at the casino. This is typically a percentage bonus on your deposit up to a ceiling amount. The percentage and the amount will be different between casinos. A typical cashable casino bonus might give a 100% match deposit bonus up to $200, while a normal sticky casino bonus may award a notably superior bonus, in the area of a 300% deposit bonus up to $1,000.

Welcome Casino Bonus Packages

On some occasions, the online casino may present a welcome bonus package. This indicates that the welcome bonus will not be restricted to your original deposit, but will be split over your initial set amount of deposits at the casino. This is a method for the casino to convince you to continue gambling at the casino for an extended length of time. These welcome bonus packages might be divided over your original pre-set amount of deposits or they could be presented for your initial deposit each month for a set time period. These bonus packages can present in the region of roughly $10,000, but they are more normally lesser totals. look at the wagering requirements thoroughly to ensure that the first deposit bonus or welcome bonus package is worthwhile and appropriate for you to use.

A Guide to Slot Terminology

Slot machines have some terminology and phrases that you can only find while playing a slot. Some of these can be foreign if you have never heard them in relation to a slot machine. They are important to know however and in this article, we will discuss all the major terms and phrases you may hear while playing slots.

Jackpot: A jackpot is a prize pool that can be won while playing slots. A lot of times these are hit at random or by a certain combination of symbols on the reels. The jackpot is a big part of slots.

Reels: The reels are the main part of the slot and it’s where all the magic happens. The reels are what spin and have all the symbols that will trigger the payouts. Without the reels, you don’t have a slot machine.

Pay lines: A pay line is how the slot determines if you win or lose. It is the direction in which a winning combination can be hit. Today’s slots can have up to 100 pay lines and some even more. They will go in many directions as well. You can find a complete set of pay lines for each slot by reading the rules to make life much easier.

Bonus Features: A bonus feature is sort of like a mini-game inside the slot. By hitting a special combination of symbols on the reels, you will trigger a bonus round. These bonus rounds let you spin the reels for a chance to free spins or extra cash. How the bonus round plays will depend on the slot itself and all are different.

Bonus Guarantee: A bonus guarantee is a built-in system to ensure every player reaches a bonus round while playing the slots. After a pre-determined amount of spins, the bonus round will automatically trigger if you haven’t already done so.

Bonus Multiplier: By making a bonus round or hitting a special symbol you can get bonus multipliers. These multipliers will increase your winnings on that spin or future spins depending on the rules of that specific slot. Hitting one of these is a great way to make a big score.

Progressive slot: This isn’t a slot machine that plays, all the time as you might think by the name. It’s another way of calling it a jackpot slot. The only difference is that the jackpot grows progressively. For every coin spent on the slot, the jackpot increases until it is won.

Winning at Slot Machines Strategies

If you are a regular casino player then you must be aware of the fact that winning at a slot machine at all times is not possible. Although these slot machines are tailored for entertainment and winnings they are meant to give casinos a long-term edge. Whether a player wins or not, the house is always on the greener side. However, players can turn the situation in their favor by keeping in mind certain important factors and a few casino gaming strategies.

Hitting the giant jackpot

Many experienced players suggest playing the maximum bet. Yes, hitting the highest jackpot may seem to you risky or dicey but it can prove to be a very profitable strategy for you. You should start the game thinking that you are going to play the game with the biggest jackpot every time and win it. Make sure you are always ready to take the chances and remain positive about the jackpot. If you are thinking about your next course of action after winning the jackpot then here is the answer. You should just stop playing the game.

Quitting at the right time

While playing slot machines and slot games like Double Bubble Slots, it is very important for you to realize the perfect time to quit. All those players who believe that after hitting one jackpot, they can hit the other ones on the same day then they are certainly not right. Of course, you can win but that is not guaranteed. You are going to spend dollars every time while placing the bet but the returns of it are not assured. Slot machines can be very entertaining but only when you know how to deal with them. It is always better to calculate the winnings and house edge so that, you are able to understand the whole system and play accordingly.

If you wish to calculate the amount you are spending each hour for the entertainment then you can just multiply the house edge time with the number of spins made every hour and average bet times. When a casino claims to offer a 95% payout then you deduce that the 5% out of it will be the house edge. The casino is going to keep that 5% from your every bet placed. Thus, you need to be smart enough to analyze whether you are paying a reasonable price for your entertainment per hour or not.

Bonuses and benefits

While calculating, you must also consider the benefits. Some casinos offer free drinks or meals to the regular players, which means that the value of refreshments can be added to the cost of entertainment you are having. Further, ordering premium beers and top-shelf liquor can land you in the most profitable position. With this, you should also join the casino’s slot club in order to expect a percentage of your losses. Playing a slot machine is fun but applying some great strategies can augment your entertainment. Thus, calculate the concept of winnings and be a winner every time!

Winning Big Money for Slots

Online slots offer an exciting world of luck and chance. If you are lucky, you will earn a lot of money, but if you are not; losing money is not a wonder. The double Bubble slot game offers amazing payouts and bonus offers, try it out today for amazing deals. But, if you want to play slots every day and become a professional, you should be aware of certain tricks and rules. Without that knowledge, you will be jumping into a cliff without a parachute. We tell you certain rules and steps that if you will follow; you can win big jackpots. Here is the list:

  • Beware of Your Emotions!: While you might not need a lot of help in understanding how slots work, you will be able to figure out the basics. Some of the common terms are coin size, pay lines, payouts and more. When you start playing, be positive about winning. Do not focus on people who are losing and how much they have lost while playing the game. Always, make a point to play with money that you know you can afford to lose. In this way, you do not overspend.
  • Don’t Play Full Coin Unless You Need To: Many people tend to bet on the maximum value of coins in the hope of winning elaborate jackpots. In some slot machines, you have to bet on the maximum number of coins and all the pay lines to win the jackpot. Hence, many people activate all the pay lines, take the maximum size of the coins and play all of them. But what if the machines that you are playing on are equal distribution or straight multipliers? On the contrary, if after some time you feel that your luck is thriving and you should give it a try, do so,.
  • Always Play Maximum Coins on Progressives: If you are playing on a progressive slot machine, then the scenario is different. On this kind of machine, you win a lot of money. It is always a good idea to go all out. Choose the biggest coin size and make the maximum bet. That is how you should go about it. These machines are linked with several other casino slot machines and the jackpot is accumulative. If you strike a jackpot on one of these machines, you are in for a treat.
  • Don’t Believe in Slot Cycles: There are indeed many myths surrounding slot machines. One of them is the myth that all slot machines have something of a cycle. Many people try to figure out the functioning of the cycle. In doing so, they believe that they can predict the game. Honestly, all the slot machines have a random number generator fitted in them that decides which symbols will appear and what combinations will be made. Imagine filling a coin. You do not know when you will get heads or a tail. So, a slot machine also works on the same principle.

Casino games online

Casino gambling has always been very popular, but now that these casino games are also available online, even more, people are giving gambling a shot. Gambling can be thrilling and exciting, but what really draws people in is the fact that you can win big money. But if you’re gambling without any knowledge or strategy and you are just hoping to win money, it’s probably not going to end very well. Knowing the rules, knowing the possibilities, knowing the system and knowing what a casino offers will greatly improve your chances of winning. That’s basically the difference between a high roller and a player who just depends on his or her luck.

High rollers have a plan, they have a strategy and they have an idea of how to maximize their winnings. Luck obviously plays a role in casino gambling, but a high roller takes advantage of special offers and higher stakes to maximize winnings and make a living from gambling. This allows these high stake playing, “VIP customers” to live the lifestyle that most of us can only dream of.

There are a number of casinos on the web that have special deals for big players. These are the casinos that have very high limits on certain games and where you can get huge bonus offers and special VIP-type treatment. We’re talking about getting substantial sign-up bonuses, extra money, extra privileges and higher betting limits. Basically, the tools that a high roller uses to rake in even bigger winnings.

Here, we have all this information for you. We’ll show you the casinos that have the big deals, the best VIP programs, the high limit games and where high rolling players are welcomed with open arms. If you’re looking for a special high roller deal, we’ll help you find the one that is best suited for you. With the right knowledge and information, it’s possible to become a high roller and make a living from gambling. We know which games can be beaten, we know where the house has an edge, we know where to find special promotions and we know how to set you up with the best possible deal.

Current online casino bonuses

The actual newest signup bonuses offer members that have a deposited bonus that will never demand income from players. As a result, all of these internet pages give individuals a percentage of capital to experience along with making sure that they just don’t hazard giving up their personal. A wise option is to try to choose at least one online casino from a lot that will be accessible online. This could be really difficult for first-time battlers mainly because they’re going to get a large number of benefits offered to them.

Distinct fun online bonuses that people will take advantage of are often a match bonus for all the first-time depositors. Match bonuses are the same as the percentage of a casino. One example is if a gambling den brings up with a gamer that your bonus rewards 100 percent match bonus. That may mean a registered individual will probably gain double the initial deposit. A player can deposit 0 and they will get 0 to play with.

A totally different bonus that may be for players that may get back rewind to any particular website many people game on. Money refunds will not choose by players should they have a really good suit advantage to the online games. So casinos will offer gamers an added bonus to motivate these people to go back to participate again. Which is called reload bonus. Re-install added bonus is perfect for dedicated members that consistently play casino.

A number of facts for players who hunt for the latest additional bonuses online must do not forget. They ought to generally choose a casino that suits them. They’re permitted to check out the customer satisfaction and computer software. The most important fact about additional bonuses is to check the terms and conditions. A few additional bonuses apply to certain games for instance roulette bonus does not pertain to blackjack.

Baccarat online

A French game of cards. The game is played with 6 packs of cards, 52 cards each. The idea of the Baccarat game is to make a bet on the hand which will score the most points in the player’s opinion. The supreme combination consists of two cards that equal nine points in the natural combination. That name is also assigned to a combination of two cards which provides 8 points, but it is inferior to the one providing 9 points. The cards from Two to Nine are worth their nominal value in points. For instance, the Eight cards are worth 8 points. The cards Ten, Valet, Queen, and King are worth 0 points, and an Ace is worth 1 point.

In a situation when the sum of points in a player’s hand exceeds 9 points, 10 points are discounted from it so many times, until the result becomes less than 10. For instance, if a player has 25 points (7 + 9 + 9), then 25 is discounted twice by 10 so that the balance goes below 10 points. So: 25 – 10 – 10 = 5 – the player has 5 points.

In accordance with the Baccarat game rules, a player can make three types of bets, depending on the situation:

  • After a player has made a bet, the dealer deals two cards to him/herself and two to the player.
  • If the overall sum of the dealer’s points is two or less, the dealer takes a card.
    If the overall sum of the dealer’s points is 3, the dealer takes a card, provided the player has not taken a card worth 8 points.
    If the overall sum of the dealer’s points is 4, the dealer takes a card, provided the player has not taken a card worth 0, 1, 8 or 9 points.
    If the overall sum of the dealer’s points is 5, the dealer takes a card, provided the player has not taken a card worth 4, 5, 6 or 7 points.
    If the overall sum of the dealer’s points is 6, the dealer takes a card, provided the player has not taken a card worth 6 or 7 points.
    If the overall sum of the dealer’s points is 7, the dealer will not take a third card.
    If the player has not taken the third card, the dealer will not take one either, provided the dealer has 6 or more points. The dealer does take a card if he/she has 5 or fewer points.

Mobile poker games

Mobile poker has become a huge source of entertainment for people all over the world. Poker is already one of the most widely played casino games ever and now that is even truer since so many people can play the game on their mobile devices. There is no longer a need to get together with your friends for a weekly poker night because now you can simply whip out your mobile phone or tablet and play poker whenever the mood strikes you. In the past online gambling has been discouraged by many states, in part because it is keeping people away from brick-and-mortar casinos now that they are not the only option.

In other countries, it is already legal to play poker online and this had led to the creation of many mobile poker games as well. Players are demanding legal access to their favorite casino games without having to leave home to go play them. Many mobile poker sites are owned and operated by companies who also own online casinos where people play poker and those that need to get around the law simply find an online casino based in a country where online gambling is allowed and download the casino’s mobile version of its poker games.

Another reason mobile poker has become so popular is that there are so many different types of poker that can be played on mobile devices. The various types of games attract players of all ages and from all over the world. Since poker is one of the easiest card games to learn many more people have begun actively playing it since they were presented with the option of playing mobile poker.

Experts in the industry have predicted that the number of people playing mobile poker will have increased by anywhere from 25 to 30%. This is because mobile poker is becoming the hot new pastime for many, and since there are many mobile poker games out there that you can choose to play for either fun or real money more people are drawn to the game than they ever were before. While some of these 25 to 30% of players will be new to the game of poker the majority of them are expected to just be switching from playing poker on their computer to playing it on their mobile device.

People are busier now than they ever have been in the past and that has also contributed to the rise in the number of mobile poker players located all over the world. The convenience of not having to be in front of a computer to play the game has helped it become even more popular than it was anyway. Mobile poker is one gaming option that people will likely continue to embrace as more casinos release mobile games.


It used to be that your only option for playing your favorite casino games was to travel to a casino. These days mobile casinos are becoming increasingly popular as people want to take the fun of online casinos on the go with them. People all over the world have downloaded mobile casinos to their phones or tablet.

These mobile casinos offer a variety of the same great games you can play at the casino’s online version. Mobile casinos give you the freedom to play your favorite games without even having to log onto a desktop or laptop computer. Simply download the mobile casino software to your device and you can begin playing right away. Most, if not all, online casinos that offer a mobile version will sync your account so that you can start a game in the online casino and finish it on your mobile device, or vice versa. This makes it so incredibly convenient that you really have no good reason to avoid online casinos anymore. Some of these casinos even offer special promotions and giveaways to players who use the mobile version of the casino.

Improvements in mobile device technology mean you can now get the same great graphics, sound effects and music when you play on your device as when you play on your laptop or desktop computer. Many mobile casino games are even touch screens, to make them even more convenient and easy for you to play.

Making deposits and withdrawals at mobile casinos is much easier to do now than it was in the past. As long as you have a smartphone you should be able to do what you need to deposit money into your mobile casino gaming account anytime you need or want to. Though in the past it was less convenient to use your mobile device to deposit money into a casino games account than to deposit it using your computer, the convenience of making deposits on your mobile device is now the same as making them on your computer.

Mobile casinos usually allow you to play their games for free before deciding whether or not to deposit money to play the game. This means you won’t have to waste money on certain games only to find out after you begin playing them that you do not like them and do not wish to bet money on them.

Many mobile casinos also provide a more interactive experience than their online counterparts because players can automatically post to their social media accounts when they win a game. This is a great way to recommend games to your friends and have them recommend games to you. Only time will tell if mobile casinos continue to rise in popularity, though it is likely due to the fact that mobile casinos make it easy, convenient and fun for you to play your favorite games anywhere you go and gives you entertainment in the palm of your hand.

How to win on a Progressive Slot Machine?

Before you join a casino to start playing progressive slots you should check where the best jackpots are found. Don’t rely on information from a month ago. Someone might have won that huge amount of money since the last time you read the casino news.

Progressive Slots
Progressive slots seem to be everyone’s favorites. You will find them in almost any casino game and they are set up so that the jackpot keeps growing each time someone makes a bet on them. This means that the most popular progressive slots end up with the most money to win. Some of these slots can be found in more than one casino and in this case, they are set up in a network so that the prize money will be driven up to huge sums very fast! The games are usually not very different from regular slots with the exception of the added combination which will make you a millionaire.

Know the Rules!
When you sit down to play progressive slots you could easily overlook some very important rules for how to win the jackpot. You find the game that you like the most and you start betting and having fun. If you should suddenly find the winning combination on your screen, wouldn’t it be a real tragedy to get the message that you won’t win the cash? This has happened and the reason for such a disaster is usually that the player isn’t making the right bets. The progressive jackpot demands that you make the highest bet to win. You should also understand that any bet you make will add to the jackpot. In a way, you are a loser if you play on a progressive machine with smaller bets.

The best Progressives
The best progressive slots to play on are the ones with the highest prize money. To know just which game will pay out the most you need to read casino news and casino reviews. If someone wins the jackpot the counter goes back to zero again and you should switch to a higher paying slot.

Wise Money Management
It is easy to get a bit obsessed with progressive slots. The money figures are simply too attractive. This is why this type of casino gaming demands that you manage your money wisely. Make a budget for how much you are allowed to spend on the slots gaming and try to keep a cool and relaxed attitude toward your results, whether you are winning or not! If you want to win on progressive slots you need to play by the rules that are set for each game. Keep patient and stick to the same game but understand that you need to be wise with your money and never expect to actually win the money.

Online Slots Tips

You can’t really do something to win more money on slots that your luck will let you. There is no slots strategy that can guarantee you steady winning results. This is also why players are so fond of this casino game because it makes the times you do win so much more amazing. If you want to make the most of your slot experience you should follow some simple tips:

Play the right Game
There are games that are smarter to play than others. It is a myth that every slot machine is just the same as the other. In a land-based casino, you will want to play on the most visible machine as it will pay out more to attract more players to slots. The reason it pays out more is that it has a higher payout percentage. The casino is willing to make less on it to get more traffic to all of the slots. This is no different in online casinos. You can take a look at the different pay-out percentages and then pick the one that will give you the best chances of winning more.

Make the right Bet
There are plenty of slots strategies that will tell you to bet the maximum to win the maximum. In theory, this is true. If you play for a progressive jackpot you will have to bet the maximum bet but who is to say that you will actually win? It is much smarter to make smaller bets on machines that don’t have high attraction prices. Chances are that you will win smaller sums on these more often. This is better than never winning the million-dollar prize while still losing bigger amounts of bets.

Make a proper Slots Budget
You have to be on top of your bankroll to win more. If you don’t manage your slots money you will simply lose track of your actual standing. This is a sure way to lose more. Find a way to manage your slots money. There are many different approaches and you will want to use the one that makes the most sense to you. One way can be to use an e-wallet where it is easier to monitor your spending and earnings.

Know how to save your Winnings
If you want to truly win on slots you need to know how to save what you actually win. It is far too easy to spin away from the money you just won. One of the most important tips when it comes to winning on slots is to make a plan for how much of the money you won you can use on new games. If you win a really big amount it doesn’t make the same difference but once you waste many smaller amounts it adds up to so much more in the long run. If you want to win on slots you need to pick the right game and learn how to bet right on it.