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One of the most important aspects of online gaming revolves around casino bonuses. It’s actually the biggest difference between an online casino and a land casino. There’s a good reason for this. A land casino has the opportunity to attract its customers in many different ways. They can offer an exotic setting complete with lots of surrounding activity, free drinks and a carnival-like atmosphere. They can also feature world-class, inexpensive dining buffets, shows and shopping malls. You can even rent a luxurious hotel room and visit the spa.

An online casino can offer you the convenience of playing in the comfort of your own home and better payout ratios (due to the lower overhead). But with stiff competition from other online casinos and no exciting place to visit, online casinos attract their customers with cash bonuses.

A Deposit Bonus will require you to make a cash deposit when you sign up at that particular casino. At that point, the casino will add money to your account according to the amount of your deposit. There is a set maximum limit and usually, the amount that the casino gives is at a percentage rate of your deposit. For example – 100% matching funds for your deposit, up to $500. So, if you deposit $500, the casino also adds $500 to your account, bringing your account total to $1,000.

This is typically known as a “Welcome Bonus” and is only extended to new customers. It is also typically the largest bonus that the casino will offer.
Other bonuses that a casino can offer are; monthly player bonuses to loyal customers and extra deposit bonuses for those who deposit using one of the casino’s preferred payment methods.

A No Deposit Bonus does not require you to place any money into your account. In this case, the casino is offering a free dollar amount that you can use to become acquainted with the casino’s games and software. Since this is actually free money, the amounts are usually much smaller than those of Deposit Bonuses. You will also see them much less frequently than Deposit Bonuses.

Bonuses can sometimes be given in the form of free spins that are used with specific slot machines and are good for a limited amount of time. In any case, all bonuses have strict wagering requirements that you will need to read and follow prior to making a cashout attempt. Casinos can also offer Refer-a-Friend Bonuses that will give you a casino cash bonus for each friend that you have referred, who sign-up with the casino. Birthday Bonuses can also be awarded if you happen to be playing on your birthday.

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