The casino family is growing with each passing day. New games, one more creatively designed than the other, entice players to spend their paycheck in the casino. In the middle of all the hustle and bustle, there is a classic that still stands strong sometimes at the hustle and bustle of competitors and upstarts; Baccarat.

A simple game

How come Baccarat still stands strong, when there are so many new and flashy games? One answer to that question is simplicity. The game is very simple and there are only three different possible games; to bet on the player, on the bank or that it will be equal. With such simple conditions, it is not difficult to see people’s fascination for the game. It’s like a normal bet; Pick your winner and win. It is often the simple games that attract the most. Why bother with that?

A glamorous game

Baccarat has always been a game for the glamorous elite, for those who have money and who are willing to bet big money. The game often appears in Hollywood productions such as James Bond, The Saint and Mission Impossible. Do you see the connection? All three films focus more or less on gentlemanly law enforcement officers who do not mind taking a ride on the yacht between the murders they are trying to solve.

An exclusive crowd

With these anecdotes in mind, it’s not so strange to understand that the dress code is often very strict when playing. It takes style to get involved and play, and I guess this sifts out the chaff from the wheat. The playing field is often a fenced part of the casino where players can play against each other undisturbed. This also creates attraction, as those who participate and play belong to an exclusive crowd. Not everyone can participate, it is required that certain conditions are met. And man has a tendency to want what is difficult to achieve.

The Internet is a powerful tool

With the breakthrough of online casinos, however, Baccarat has spread to become an everyday game for everyone. Behind the computer, no one can see if you are wearing a suit or if you are naked, and this opens up a whole new market. At the same time, this lowers the status slightly for those who really play live; they want to belong to a selected group and pay to be so. This has led to a difference in whether the game takes place online or on site. The status of offline games is for obvious reasons higher than online games, but it is a social issue. After all, most people probably play to win money.

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