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Blackjack is a game that, regardless of the time we are in, remains fascinating to the vast majority of all gamblers. Whether it’s left over from the story, whether it’s the game’s strong concept, whether it’s because you can actually use strategy and win at the game or something completely fourth… that’s not to say. The fact is that online blackjack is as popular as ever. Blackjack has been blackjack for MANY years now. But especially in the last ten years – after the game went online – a lot has happened. Blackjack is therefore no longer just blackjack. It has become much more than that through countless transformations and innovations. The best and most popular versions all manage to retain the original charm, while adding enough spice to make the taste just a little different.

Better would some say. But let’s take a look at the most popular versions of the game at the best online casinos.Of all the types of Games at Blackjack Casinos – whether we are talking in general or at the best blackjack casino – there is a single form that in my eyes beats everything else by many meters. Not to mention miles. Live blackjack combines the absolute best from online (accessibility, huge selection, better payment options, greater security) with the absolute best from offline (intense casino atmosphere, possible social aspect).

Especially in recent years, there have been some editions on the field that manage to grip most players in a way not seen before. A blackjack party with several dealers at once could be an example. One dealer concentrates on the course of the game, while another just provides a good atmosphere and interaction with us players. That’s an experience you can not get so good at an offline casino. Unless you are willing to travel very far for it. The rules of the game of blackjack are relatively simple when we talk in general.

You play alone against a dealer. Your goal is to hit the value 21 – or get as close as possible. You get two cards to begin with. The dealer does the same. You can choose to stand, to find or to split your cards. It depends on what you started with. If you stand, you will stay at the value you have. If you hit, you draw a new card. You either get closer to 21, or you get over and thus lose. You can only use Split if you have two of the same cards, after which you can split them up and get two new hands.

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