Best Casino Games Online

So, what are the best online casino games? What are the features that distinguish a good game from a regular or even a bad game? Here you can get acquainted with the must-have features that must be found in those online casino games that want to reach the top.The game should offer the safest possible gambling experience. This can only be achieved in one way: through a certificate issued by a trusted software tester. Although eCogra is one of the most popular labs and thus one of the most used it does not mean that it is the only organization that can test games. The main thing the game has to have is a certificate. It is best if it was issued by eCogra but this is not mandatory.

The certificate can be issued by any other similar company. Such a certificate means a lot to the casino and to the gambler himself. It is mandatory for the casino due to license requirements. In addition, it is a sign that the casino is safe and reliable. For the gambler, this means that the results of the game are random. They are generated by Random Number Generator and its results cannot be predicted. This means that the casino cannot influence the outcome of the game and the player has a real chance to win the amount offered.Testing and certification mean equally important. If you have RTP or Return to Player, you know what we’re talking about. The casino is not a charity, it should make a profit. How do you think casinos take these winnings?

You are absolutely right if you thought that all the profit that a casino gets is gamblers’ money. So, Return to Player refers to the percentage that the casino pays back as winnings to players over time. So the gambler never wins ALL the money but a small part always stays in the casino.For example, if RTP is 95% of all deposits made by gamblers to play the game, 5% will remain with the casino and the rest of the gambler may win.When we talk about RTP, you should be careful with it.

Don’t fall into the trap of overly attractive offers but think logically. If the casino requires that the RTP is 100% and above, it means that the casino will never receive any return. In addition, if the casino offers more than 100% RTP, it means the casino pays the players their winnings from their own pockets. Do you believe that any casino would ever work like this? Thus, if you see that the average RTP value is too high, it is probably a scam.

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