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In addition to slot games, another popular form of gaming has appeared in online casinos, live casinos. There, the player gets in touch with just the right game manager via a webcam, and so playing roulette, blackjack and many other traditional casino games is done in much the same pattern as at a real casino. And don’t be scared at this point, because even if you see the game manager on your screen, this one still won’t see your picture.

In fact, live casinos are pretty similar everywhere, as the game producers are pretty much the same and therefore the quality of the games does not vary. Of course, there can be big differences in the number of games and also, of course, in the style of games on offer. Almost all live casinos allow you to play at least roulette, baccarat and blackjack, but there are also rarer games, and more recently, live TV casino-type games have also become more common. You should think about what you like to play and then choose the casino according to our list.

How does a live casino work?
Live casinos can usually be found on the regular gaming site as a separate gaming lobby. Live Casino games are typical casino games played against a game manager and are known from stone foot casinos. These are the most traditional casino games ever played – roulette and various card games, for example. Thanks to modern technology, such games can now be played virtually via a webcam, and this is how live casinos have been born.

In practice, a live casino works in such a way that when a player opens any game in a live casino, he gets a camera connected via the internet to a game manager waiting in the live casino studio, with whom you can play just like in any real casino or arcade. This brings a nice personal aspect to online gaming when cards are dealt or roulette is spun by the right person behind the camera. Communication with the dealer usually takes place via chat messages because, contrary to what might be thought, the dealer does not see the player. So there is no appearance pressure at the live casino! In addition, in many games, players also have the opportunity to chat with each other, which makes playing more social. When played with sounds, the player hears the hustle and bustle of the casino in the background, making the gaming experience even more authentic.

Live casino on mobile
Where online casinos are anyway, live casinos also play on different mobile devices. In fact, the popularity of live casinos only started to rise after Mobile Phones and Tablets had already taken a foothold in the gaming world. Live Casino games can be played through a mobile casino in exactly the same way as on a computer. Game manufacturers make sure that all new games are also mobile-friendly and usually work on all devices, including Android devices, iPhones, iPads and the like.

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