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It is said that there are as many Blackjack systems as there are Blackjack players on this planet. What another person calls Blackjack systems can work completely differently for you. So really there is no definition of a so-called Blackjack system. Everyone acts differently when Playing Blackjack and most players use different systems. How to play and which systems work best, you usually find your own style. You walk best in your own shoes, is a good saying to use when talking about Blackjack. We will give some tips, but if you want to find a casino that offers blackjack games.

Card counting in blackjack

One of the most talked about systems in Blackjack is without a doubt the system that involves the player counting the cards played, something many casinos without a license allow. The system usually appears in various Hollywood movies, but many also wonder how this system works. How do you count cards in Black Jack? Because really, casino games are more or less just luck. However, there are some tricks and myths about how to cheat the system in Blackjack. Some say it is not entirely credible while others have evidence to solve the equation.

Mathematics behind the system

Because it’s really about equations and mathematics. This Blackjack system is basically about the player being able to win using pure mathematics as well as a not so small chunk of exclusion methodology. This system may work if you play at a land-based casino and hardly work at an online casino where the cards are shuffled after each turn. But if you play at a live casino, it can work better because you then play at a real table instead of a random generator. However, remember not to count on any winnings just because you use math. There are still large parts of the game that are random even if you count the cards. Something to keep in mind when playing blackjack games.

Parlay / martingale system

The parlay system can best be compared to a pyramid. You place a bet in blackjack and hope for a win. If you are lucky enough to win, use the winnings and the bet you placed on your previous game. The advantage of Parlay is that you can increase the winnings to larger amounts fairly quickly. But it is also one of the most risky systems because a loss means you lose everything you have built up. Therefore, it can be good to set a limit where you cancel because the loss is likely to come sooner or later. The phenomenon is also called Martingale and is not allowed at land-based casinos. But when you play online, you decide the bets yourself and therefore the system is very effective in this way. However, it is important for you to have a budget so that you can manage to increase the effort continuously, even if there would be a bunch of losses in a row.

Paroli system

In the paroli system, you must increase the bet each time you win. Should there be a loss instead, you should reduce the bet until you are back at the level you started at. This amount is the one you will continue to bet until you have managed to win. With this system, there is no risk as long as you decide in advance exactly how much to invest. Therefore, the Paroli system is one of the more efficient blackjack systems on the market.

Play smart and careful

Finding your own way to win is usually a standard in Blackjack and you usually find one or two tricks after playing a couple of times. Keep in mind, however, that the betting company usually has the odds on its side, so play smart and carefully. It’s stupid to risk something or get hubris, so we always recommend that you take it easy, especially if you are a beginner. Learn the game properly first then choose to go in with bigger stakes if desired.

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