Blackjack Rules Online

Blackjack is the most widespread and well-known of all table games, both regular casinos and online casinos. You can find the game at almost every online casino and possibly also at your nearest nightclub. The game has its own effect on the skill and with an optimized game you get a really good return percentage. The best way to play is easy to adopt in its basic form, and by combining it with card counting you get a house edge of almost zero. Blackjack can be found in virtually all high quality Online Casino Games.

Blackjack Rules

More than 100 different versions of the blackjack rules have been documented, but the variations between the different game modes are small. As a general rule, the criteria below apply to all casinos. The exact rules of blackjack must be visible or easily accessible by law. At an online casino, the most common way to handle this is to put the rules at the touch of a mouse on the game screen. You can usually find the rules behind the question mark button.

As stated, the player and the dealer compete for whoever gets the higher score, which, however, must not exceed 21. At the beginning of the game, you are dealt two cards face up. In the American version, two cards are also dealt to the dealer, but one of them is face down. In the European version, the dealer gets only one card and only takes more when the players hands are cleared. You win directly if your first two cards make a result of 21, unless the dealer gets the same result. This result is called blackjack and wins all other results. In Online Blackjack Games, you usually win your bet at a 3:2 ratio. If the dealer also has blackjack, the game ends in a draw and the bet is refunded.

Once all the players’ hands have been dealt, it is the dealer’s turn. The dealer turns over the face of his second card. The dealer has fewer options than the player after the card is turned over. If the dealer’s cards score is 16 or less, he must take more cards. If the dealer’s result is 17 or more, he must remain in the result. Once the dealer’s hand is cleared, it is considered who won. The payout ratio at casinos is 1: 1 in a game that ends without blackjack.

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