Blackjack. Taste the two small words. Surely you can see the table in front of you, and surely you can feel the intoxication of tension rushing along the spine, as if someone had put a piece of ice on your neck and slowly let it slide down your back? It is such a classic game that is close to an association with the word game, a pastime that everyone knows and that most people have ever tried.

A simple game

Because the rules are so simple that a child can understand them. Not that games are suitable for a small child, but what I mean is that its simplicity creates such a large market that everyone can participate, regardless of intelligence or patience. Everyone knows how to do, and everyone knows how to win. It’s in the spinal cord.

Why BlackJack?

But what is it then that has made Blackjack such a popular game? You can even play outside in regular pubs on a Friday night. How come the game has gained so many fans? It can not just be because it’s easy, can it?

It’s not about winning; it’s about making the opponent lose

I think it’s the duel itself that challenges, the fact that you are playing against someone and that you have to surpass someone else to win. It does not necessarily have to be a real person, when you play online the opponent is automated. It does not matter, as long as the player can visualize the opponent in front of him.

Casinos everywhere

Casinos are now available in most major cities. In the past, casino games were associated with something that was far away, in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. It was something so remote that the only thing you could associate a casino with was American movies. Then came the internet.

The advent of the Internet

When online casinos opened their businesses in everyone’s homes, casino games suddenly became much more noticeable. Most physical slot machines, such as Jack Vegas machines, now began to appear in pizzerias and in less pleasant restaurants. Slot machines attract addicts, and addicts tend not to really attract the average restaurant visitor. Black Jack, on the other hand, is now best game that can gild a wet night out with a few extra hundred bucks as compensation for all the beer money spent during the evening.

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