Blackjack is offered in every online casino. You can deduce from that how popular this game is. It is not very complicated to play blackjack. The rules of the game are quite simple and it takes little effort to come up with a good strategy. But of course you need to know the basics to play the game, because knowing that the goal is to get a higher score than the dealer isn’t enough. This article explains everything about blackjack, from the rules of the game to the strategy, from tips & tricks to the terms used during the game.You can’t just start with blackjack. It takes some preparations.

In the game rules we successively look at the buying and betting of chips, the dealing of the cards, a third card, the game round of the dealer and see who wins and loses.Before the game you have to make sure you get chips. This chapter explains the role of chips, how to get them, how to use them and where to use them.Blackjack is played with chips. This is a means of payment, because it is not allowed to play with real money. You have to buy chips before the game starts.

In the real casino you do that at the gaming table at the dealer. You put cash on the table, which is exchanged for chips by the dealer. At the end of the game you can exchange the chips you have won for real money at the cashier.In principle, it works the same way at an online casino. The difference is that you then buy chips with money that you previously deposited into your account. During the game the winnings are automatically credited to your account.

When you have finished playing, it is therefore not necessary to exchange your chips. When you exit the game, your account is automatically updated. Keep in mind that it is not allowed in the Netherlands to play online blackjack for money.If you are in possession of chips you may take a seat at the blackjack table and must bet. You are bound by the bets that are used by the casino. You can find out which minimum and maximum bet is possible on a sign next to the table. You can also ask the croupier.

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