Casino bonus online

Maximum bets: With a big bet, you can make a really big win and with a big win, it is easier to roll over the bonus. And besides, the Casino should still pay this big win. To prevent this from happening, online casinos have set a cap on individual bets, called the maximum bonus bet. For example, a very general maximum bet is € 5. Some gaming companies also allow higher stakes to be placed, but these are not counted towards the bonus wager.

Restriction of game modes: If you headed to the roulette table and placed a € 5 bet on both red and black, you would minimize your risk and still roll over the € 10 bonus. This is, of course, not allowed. The Casino may have other similar restrictions on placing bets at Live Casino tables. Therefore, it is always a good idea to read the bonus terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the casino thoroughly so that you do not experience resentment afterward.

Limited games: There is always a list of slot games in the Terms of Use that do not either redeem the bonus at all or only partially redeem the bonus. Slot machines with an unusually high return rate (RTP) usually do not redeem the bonus at all. The same goes for slots that offer easy bonus rounds. Both of these games are almost always mentioned in the casino terms of use.

Table games like blackjack usually recycle only 10% of the bet, while roulette recovers 20% of the bonus. If you like to play table games, then we recommend looking for a Casino that offers a separate live casino bonus. These have been designed from the outset to take into account the high recovery rates of table games. The wagering requirements for live casino bonuses are higher, but it is still easier to meet their wagering conditions than if you tried to wager a regular bonus in table games.

Tips for redeeming the bonus
Winning the bonus is easier said than done and everything is ultimately up to you, as is the case with the Casino in general. I guess our first clue can’t really even be called a clue, but it’s more of a claim: Recycling a small bonus isn’t necessarily easier than recycling a big bonus. Money is needed to redeem the bonus and the more money a player already has in relation to the amount to be redeemed will go a long way in determining how difficult it will be to meet the redemption requirements.

Deposit size in deposit bonuses
One important detail in the terms and conditions of the deposit bonus can be a good indicator for a player whether or not it is worth redeeming the bonus. Online casinos normally have two different ways to make a recycling claim, and there is a big difference between them:
The player must rollover the received bonus amount X times
The player must rollover the bonus amount received AND the deposit amount X times

The first option is, of course, cheaper for the player.

In this case, most players will try to maximize the benefits of the bonus and with a €100 deposit, you will receive a full €100 casino bonus. This will allow the player to find a total of €200 in their account to play at the Casino and the wagering requirement is €4,000. Not an easy thing to do unless a big win comes up right away. If a player made a deposit of €300, he would get a total of €400 to play. Again, a relatively large profit of €4,000 would be needed to recycle, but with more resources, recycling will be much easier.

It is worth noting that the terms and conditions of some casinos may include a statement that if a player makes a disproportionately large deposit in order to facilitate the wagering condition, the casino may cancel the bonus at any time. Fortunately, most casinos are happy to accept large sums of money, but if you are considering the above tactics, you should check the bonus terms and/or the terms and conditions of the site.

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