Casino bonuses types

Before I send you to choose the best bonuses, I want to familiarize you with more about the types of casino bonuses that exist. A welcome bonus from an online casino to an online casino is the most common advantage, and there is a lot of variation among them. Versatile bonuses can actually include just about anything your imagination can reach. These benefits are among the most common and/or popular.

Deposit bonus: The bonus equivalent to a deposit is a general benefit for a new player, but they are often also available to old customers. This bonus usually brings in bonus money and is expressed as a percentage. For example, a 100% deposit bonus will double the play money on top of the deposit, 200% will triple the deposit amount and so on.

Fixed cash bonus: A fixed cash bonus is included in each player’s top list. This bonus will bring more money to your bankroll but will not cost you anything. So you can well imagine why it is so popular! A fixed cash bonus is typically a gift for creating a new user account on a gaming site that you are not yet a customer of, and can only be redeemed once. Normally, the amount of money is reasonably small, but it doesn’t dim the glow much, after all, it’s free-to-play money.

Free spins: Free spins are often part of welcome packages, or alternatively the entire welcome bonus can be made up of free spins. Especially with registration-free casinos, the latter option is common. Free spins are also available for old players: they can even be redeemed daily. The number of free spins included in the welcome bonus can vary really drastically. Sometimes a few dozen of them are available, and sometimes the numbers rise to hundreds. When talking about the value of free spins, the number alone is not the deciding factor, but also the maximum bet determined for a spin weighs in a pound.

No deposit bonus: The no deposit bonus is a great attraction for casinos, so you can see them as welcome offers from time to time. You can only redeem such an advantage by registering a new user account. Please note that sometimes in order to activate an interest, you will need to perform a small task, such as verifying your contact information or something similar. Often bonuses without a deposit bring in free spins, the amounts of which vary from casino to casino. However, the deposit-free bonus can bring other types of benefits!

Cashback: Cashback is a fixed benefit that can be enjoyed by both new and old players. They are often combined with a loyalty or VIP program, where the amount of the bonus increases as the level increases. The bonus works by refunding you a certain percentage of all losses incurred by the casino, for example, 10-15%. Sometimes you may even come across cash refunds that return a certain percentage of all the money you play. Cashback is also commonly known as cashback. So you can only find one at the casinos, but it’s always the same thing. A special feature of these types of bonuses is that in most cases, the money back is free of charge, which increases their popularity.

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