Casino Bonuses

Casino bonus, deposit bonus, welcome bonus, reload bonus..

Many names and different versions. In ancient times, bonuses were like cable ties attached to the side of a casino. Nowadays, you get to choose an online casino that excels in bonuses or does not offer them at all. Then there are all kinds of intermediate forms.

In any case! Bonuses are a way for casinos to reward players and engage. As a player, you get more playing time, excitement and entertainment.

To be precise, the direct meaning of the casino bonus is the deposit bonus. This is the same as talking about a 100% bonus up to € 100 in the welcome bonus. The deposit is doubled and the maximum bonus, i.e. the amount up to which it is doubled, is 100 euro’s.

In addition to the deposit bonus, there are a number of other bonuses where, in summary, the most common;

•Cash back – A cash back that is usually paid for online losses over a period of time. For example 24 hours or a week. Without a gaming account, casinos use this lot. The refund is usually 5-20% depending on the casino and the money is almost always paid in cash. So does not require recycling.

•Reload bonus – A new deposit bonus that works in exactly the same way as the basic deposit bonus. The main difference is the bonus terms and usually this is in the 25-50% range.

•Free Spins – The most popular and most common bonus. You get with or without a deposit. Usually for a specific game and the bet is always constant.

•Super Spins – Free spin with more valuable spins. Normally the value is € 0.10 in super rounds it can be up to € 1. In mega rounds 3 €.

•Free play money – There is almost always bonus money, ie a wagering requirement. A rarer bonus, but becoming more common!

Casinos already give free spins on registration alone. This bonus is best found on the side of welcome bonuses; otherwise these no deposit bonuses are less often available. A pretty general alignment is that 100 free spins without a deposit are given in 20-piece installments.

This no deposit bonus is great for the player. You will be able to test the online casino and site without risk. Many elements on the site only open after registration, so a first look doesn’t always tell you everything. If the site doesn’t feel good, don’t feel left out to carve because you didn’t invest anything.

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