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The best return percentage for an online casino is a topic of interest to almost every conscious player. The payback percentage is one of the things players stare at when choosing a casino game. Other issues include the variance of the game as well as the theme and style. Winning styles and bonus features also influence the selection. In this article, we’ll go through the importance of return rates and consider where to find the best return rates.

Best return percentages are offered by casinos
What exactly does return percentage mean? In short, the payback percentage tells you the theoretical number at which the game will return the bets placed on it to players in the long run. The figure is expressed as a percentage. Until a few years ago, the payout percentages in various slot games at foreign casinos were around 95 percent. Today, however, returns in games have already risen to just over 96. This is mainly due to the fact that there is constantly fierce competition in the online casino market between both gaming sites and gaming companies. With a higher bounce rate, players are more interested in the game.

If the full amount is 100 percent and the game returns 96 percent of the bets placed on it, where does the remaining portion go? It will naturally remain in the house, i.e. the online casino. The smaller the advantage left in the house, the better players often prefer the game. Oh, I wish this was that simple! While the payback percentage can really tell you something about how easy or difficult it is to get your game back, let alone win, it never tells the whole truth. The variance of the game also affects the winnings.

So winning in games is never based on the return percentage in the game but on luck. Casino games are run on random number generators, which means that each round is unique and is not related in any way to the previous or next round. This is true despite the fact that players are also developing different tactics for slot games. The fact is, in any case, that in slot games in particular, winning depends only on chance. When it comes to the payback percentage, it’s good to understand that the number you see doesn’t come true every time you play it or even more, but it’s a theoretical figure in the long run. So even if the return percentage is 96 and you bet a hundred on the game, you will not be guaranteed a refund of €96.

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