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Until a few years ago, a live casino was a rarer sight than an online casino. Today, it is more the rule than the exception and good so, as players also enjoy live games! In the early days, it was possible to play mainly roulette and blackjack with a live dealer, but now there are a lot of options and more are coming all the time. In 2022, the best casinos will offer many dozens of different live games from traditional casino classics to entertaining specialty games.

It’s not worth playing at a live casino. Gaming basically works like normal games, but instead of playing against a computer, so to speak, you get to the table with a real dealer and the gaming takes place in real-time. In the best games, multiple players sit at the same table, which raises the gameplay to a whole different level. At the live casino, you can also chat with the game manager, so the experience is truly authentic.

The most popular live casino games are produced by Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play, but several other amazing gaming houses have entered the market in recent years. As the selection grows, the variations and game modes become more diverse, and of course, that is always in the player’s interest.

Best Casino Games
There are different gambling games for every start and each player is looking for a gaming experience to suit their own tastes. While we are unique in our preferences and traits, players clearly also have common enduring favorites, such as the live games mentioned above. There is no shortage of excitement in the best casino games, and there is no shortage of winnings. Slots are especially popular with many players, offering a variety of entertainment and an easy gaming experience. However, there is also a place in our hearts for traditional table games. In addition, lottery, keno, bingo and scratch cards always appeal, as we love the wonderful thrill of lotteries.

The best casino games are not created by themselves and are by no means made by the casino itself. Behind casino games are a huge number of casino game producers, some of whom are better known than others. Until a few years ago, online casinos saw games from only a few game producers. Most often, these producers were NetEnt and Microgaming, both of which are long-line gaming giants. Today, an online casino that meets the requirements of players easily offers a thousand-headed selection of casino games, often backed by dozens of casino game manufacturers.

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