Casino Hold’em rules

This post is about the popular Casino Hold’em. If you play it in one of the online casinos or in a real casino then it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the rules.Casino Hold’em is a popular variant of the well-known Texas Hold’em and is one of the most popular casino games. A standard card game with 52 cards plus jokers is used here. After each round the cards are shuffled again. In contrast to its counterpart, you don’t play against other players, but against a dealer.At the beginning of the game, every player should be perfectly informed about the value of the cards:

Straight-Flush (5 consecutive cards of one suit)
Flush (5 cards of one suit in any order)
Street (5 cards consecutive cards in different suits)
3 of a Kind
2 pairs
A few
High Card (card with the highest value)

First of all, the basic stake, the so-called ante, has to be made. In addition, the player has the option of placing a bonus bet (AA bet). If you choose this variant, you win if the first five cards hold at least two aces. However, the relationship between loss and profit is rather negative, so that one can do without it. When the bets are placed, the dealer deals two cards that can be seen by the player. The dealer also receives two cards, but these are not visible to the gamer. The dealer then distributes three community cards, which are revealed. (Flop). Now the player has to assess his chances of winning with his hand sheet and the community cards. If you pass, the ante is lost.

If a call is decided, a further stake equal to the basic stake is due. The dealer now reveals two more community cards (river and turn) and reveals both of his hand cards. The two hands were now compared – the better one wins the ante and calle insert of the table. In order for the dealer to be able to play, he must qualify. He needs at least a pair of foursome. If he does not have this hand, the player wins the game regardless of his hand. So it is also worth playing with a bad card, because the dealer often fails to qualify in the first place.

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