Casino Spins Free

Spins are the rounds you take on a slot machine. That is the very short term. Each time you press the button that causes the reels to spin and make room for new symbols, you make a spin.On the old-fashioned, physical one-armed bandits, you pull the handle to make the wheels roll. It has now been digitized, and here you spin the wheels.In the vast majority of cases, the spin button is located on the online slot machines as a large and clear button – often located in the middle of the game board with arrows or a “play” sign. Many game developers have designed the spin button in line with the slot machine theme.

You will rarely be in doubt about where to press to let the reels roll and get new symbols on your game board. Then there are a lot of different versions of spins and they have as mentioned above many designations. The casinos may call them different things, but common to them is that these are spins you get as something extra.You may have also seen offers such as “Free Spins Today“, which will typically be some day offers from a casino that need to be taken advantage of that day.

It is an extremely common tendency for casinos to offer extra or free spins as a bonus. Typically you will see it as a welcome bonus. A welcome bonus is an offer for new customers and the free spins act as a kind of bait for customers that they get if they set up at that casino.The competition between the online casinos is getting fierce and they all want you as a new customer. It is only to your advantage, because you can more or less pick and choose between the casinos and find what suits you best.

Maybe even the casino that offers the most free spins.Free spins can also easily appear as a bonus for existing customers. Many casinos run with the so-called VIP clubs and loyalty programs, which are a reward for loyal customers. Here it is also often seen that extra spins are offered for selected slot machines, as a reward for the existing customers at the casino. Free spins for a whole year – that sounds almost too good to be true. But it is good enough. Some casinos offer as an extraordinary bonus sometimes a year’s consumption of spins.

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