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It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard of live casinos. Although not all online casinos offer this type of live game, it is true that it is an added value for those who do have this option. Why? For the simple reason that you can interact with a real dealer from your living room.

Isn’t that exciting to you? Thanks to the latest live broadcast technologies, today it is possible to play roulette or blackjack from a live dealer casino and feel the realism in each bet as if you were in a casino, although with the comfort of being in pajamas and slippers.

A whole experience recommended especially for players who love roulette or card games, who want to play alone against the bank or join a table with other virtual players.

Not all games are not eligible to enter the catalog of a live casino, mainly because they do not require the assistance of a dealer. However, for the most famous card games and roulette, where the figure of the dealer is essential, it is possible to find them in live casinos. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently available live dealer games:

Roulette :- If an Online Casino offers its live version, it will undoubtedly include at least one game of roulette, this being the game par excellence of live casinos. Both in its American, European or French version, here the dealer will throw the ball on the roulette wheel once you have placed your bet on the desired number and color.

Blackjack :- The card game that you will also see very frequently in live casinos and where the presence of a virtual dealer adds a lot of value to each play, since it is a game between you and the bank. As always, once your bet is made, the dealer will deal the two corresponding cards and to win you must get a score of 21 or as close to 21, but without going over.

Bacarrat or Punto y Banca :- It is also common for live online casinos to include baccarat among their available games. Since the gaming methodology is quite similar to that of blackjack, here the figure of the live dealer is also appreciated. In this case, you must beat the bank with a combination of cards whose score does not exceed 9 points.

Poker :- On this occasion, you will join a table with more players and the dealer will carry out the mission of dealing the cards and controlling the bets. Whether you are bluffing or not, the important thing is that you carry a combination of cards superior to the rest of the table.

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