Classic casino game

Blackjack is a classic casino game also known as 21. Blackjack is not just a game of chance, the player’s strategy plays a very important role in each game. The move that gives the game its name is the hand that adds up to 21 with 2 cards. The value of the AS card is 11 or 1. The value of the face cards is 10. Therefore, the blackjack play is achieved with a card of value 10 (10 or any face) and an ACE. At the blackjack table, the dealer is in front of the players. All players individually play their hand against the same dealer’s hand.

The play that adds up to a value closer to 21 wins, without going over. The different forms of blackjack and their rules are explained below. It is important to know the rules of each modality before starting to play. The game of blackjack has been featured in motion pictures and its name is as popular as the game of roulette, but its rules are less well known. The whole point of the game is to try to add 21 without going over and get closer to that value than the dealer.

The article explains the basics of the game: value of the cards, plays and appearance of a table of the game in the casino. The Rules of Blackjack establish, among other things, the bets allowed and their payouts, how the cards are dealt, the order of play and how both the players and the dealer must play the game. At the beginning of the game, the croupier deals 2 cards to each player, if the sum of these two cards adds up to 21, blackjack will have been achieved .

The blackjack table is semi-circular in shape. Players stand on the rounded side, opposite them is the dealer. Normally each table has capacity for 7 players. In casinos there are usually several nearby tables delimiting an exclusive area for tables called a pit . Blackjack payout, insurance bet and dealer rules are written on the table.

The dealer does not make any decisions about how to play his hand, he will deal a card or stand according to the rules of the table. In most casinos the rule is that the dealer must hit a 16 and stand 17. Sometimes a distinction is made between whether to stand 17 “soft” (he has an AC on his cards) or not. In blackjack, the AS can be worth 1 or 11, this characteristic introduces one of the most important concepts to take into account when playing blackjack, which is known as cards and soft cards .

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