Easiest casino game win

It is easiest to win at casino games where strategy is included, for example, blackjack or poker. For slots, it’s just a matter of luck, but there are still some slots that payout more. If you are good at a strategy game, such as blackjack, you have a much higher chance of winning money there than on a slot machine. When you play slots games, it can certainly be a big win, but it is not something you should expect. If you are looking to win, it is better that you study a little about one of the strategic casino games and invest in getting good at it. If you are just looking for fun, you can play any casino game you want!

When talking about the chance of winning a casino game, you usually mention its RTP, which means Return To Player. We tell you more about RTP below. If a game has a higher RTP, it means that the game pays out more money in winnings. But that does not necessarily mean that you will win because this RTP is calculated for everyone who plays the game and not a specific person.

What is RTP?
RTP means Return to the player and is a game’s payback percentage. Most casino games have an RTP of 96 – 98%. When you play casino games, it is good to keep an eye on RTP. A game’s RTP is a measurement made to determine the proportion of the casino game’s stakes that go back to the player in the form of winnings in the game. If a game has an RTP of, for example, 97%, it means in practice that the game gives back 97% of all bets to the players who play casinos online. However, this does not mean that you can count on getting back 97 for every hundred kroner you bet but it can be a good indicator of how profitable the game is in general. The higher the RTP, the higher the return from the casino game.

What is volatility?
Volatility roughly means how stable a casino game is. If it distributes even winnings at regular intervals or if it takes a long time to get a profit, then it explodes. The volatility of a game indicates how often the game distributes winnings, and this is usually divided into low, medium and high. The word volatility can also be described as instability or impulsivity. A game with low volatility often distributes winnings, but in return, they are usually quite small. The casino game maintains an even level and is stable. A casino game that has high volatility rarely distributes winnings, but instead, they are usually relatively large. The game is unstable. If you want a game with as high a chance of winning and payout as possible, then high RTP and low volatility are a golden combination.

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