Free play money online 2022

Free play money is a way for online casinos to welcome new players or reward established players. High-quality online casinos want to allow the player to try the site without risk. Of course, there is also the idea behind it that the player is expected to remain a regular player on the site. In addition, for established players, the online casino wants to keep players as happy as possible by providing ongoing benefits. This could be a casino sign-up bonus or a seasonal benefit for incumbents.

How to get free play money?
Free play money is obtained in the simplest way by registering at the casino. Without it, it is difficult to get bonuses. However, there are now free registration sites that do not require a separate game account to redeem bonuses. However, the surest way to get free play money is to sign up for quality sites that offer player benefits. No deposit bonus will appear from scratch unless you happen to be on the email list of an online casino, for example.

Sign-up bonus: The sign-up bonus is redeemed when you sign up. It could just as well be €5 free play money, a deposit bonus or free spins. It is essential that it is redeemed at the time of registration. This is practically a welcome bonus.

Welcome bonus: The welcome bonus will also be redeemed upon joining the casino. Thus, when registering at a casino, the player receives a welcome bonus, which is often a deposit bonus or free spins, even free play money. Sometimes a whole package of benefits is promised that will play for a little longer. Casinos have different names for bonuses. For example, free money no deposit similarly means free play money without a deposit benefit.

Deposit bonus: In practice, a deposit bonus means a deposit bonus that, as the name implies, can be redeemed when you make a deposit. The typical deposit bonus is a 100% bonus, which means that the player gets double the deposit they made. For example, if a player deposits € 50, he will receive a € 100 cashier directly.

Free spins: Free spins allow you to play online casino slots. They can be played in much the same way as free play money, although there are slightly more restrictions on their use. However, free spins are even the most common form of bonus at online casinos, and they too are a great way to try out gaming specifically for slots.

Cashback: Cashback is a slightly rarer casino bonus, but quite a useful one. The player does not actually use the money but returns some of his money if the lucky one does not start to favor it. The casino can therefore give the player a kind of guarantee: if the player does not make a profit within a certain period of time, the player will get back part of his money.

Bonus codes: The bonus code is like any promotional code online that is entered in the field provided when the benefit is redeemed. Sometimes online casinos use pre-codes, but most of the time no separate code is needed to redeem the bonus.

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