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For bonuses that can only be used in slot games, the terms free spins, bonus spins, free spins, and so on are used. When running online casinos, you will notice that the spectrum of names in Finnish is wide, but the meaning is usually always the same. A free spin can sound misleading if there are huge restrictions behind it, as is often the case. Today, fortunately, casino advertising is monitored and more and more gaming sites have started offering free spins without additional conditions – so free as promised. With such a casino bonus, winnings should be credited in real money, ie without any redemption requirements or other hidden conditions that are bad for the player.

Still, most free spins have some sort of limitation. Playing spins is free, but winnings earned on them are paid out as bonus money and include a wagering requirement. Free spins on slots are the most common form of bonus in online casinos. As already mentioned above, free spins are given with or without recycling requirements. However, all of the bonuses given to the slots have the following in common:

How many spins are given?
In any given slot game or selection of games, spins can be used.
Stake per individual spin (normally the lowest possible bet available in the game)
How long are spins valid (maturity)

Other casino bonuses
These can be obtained, for example, by logging into a casino, opening a game at a certain time, playing a certain number of rounds in a slot, or even raising a certain card at a live blackjack table. Like deposit bonuses, the main reference here is how to get the bonus, not what it contains. And as shown above, the deposit-free bonus can be activated in many different ways. In general, however, it can be said that the rewards for these types of bonuses are significantly lower than those that require a player to make a deposit.

Casino bonus codes
The bonus codes are starting to be Lumia last winter, as in many modern online casino systems, you can now enter your campaigns with just a click, and the code is no longer needed. Still, some gaming sites still use codes, and whatever is required, you should remember to add the code either when registering or depositing.

VIP and cashback bonuses
Cashback is in its own way a bonus without a deposit. If a player loses money during a cashback campaign, he will recover part of his losses afterward. The cashback usually consists of three parts: the specified period, the percentage to be reimbursed, and the payment date.

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