Free Spin Bonuses

New online casinos tend to stand out with bonuses though not all. In principle, however, it can be said that the newer the online casino, the more likely you are to get benefits from it as well. The most spectacular and usually the greatest benefits for the player are always offered in welcome packs. Until a few years ago, there could have been as many as several thousand euros in these packages, but since then the amount of bonus money has come down a bit

The most popular bonuses for new online casinos right now are clearly free spins and cash refunds. Of course, the traditional deposit bonuses are still in force, but in the name of honesty, they have clearly lost some of their magic, and their attractiveness in casinos is no longer trusted to the very former model. This is basically quite understandable, as players have long longed for fresh approaches to casino bonuses. A regular deposit bonus may feel like you’ve already seen. The new online casinos are therefore offering free spins. They are usually aimed at a single game or multiple options, but they cannot usually be used in any slot.

If the new casino splits deposit bonuses, they are in most cases much more flexible in terms and conditions than free spins. You can typically use deposit bonuses in both slots and table games, albeit with slightly different weightings. The latest addition to the benefits offered by casinos is cashback. You can already see it today in the offers of really many different casinos. In short, a cash refund means that if a certain date specified in the casino’s offer ends at a loss for you, you will receive back part of the net loss in cash.

New online casinos offer bonuses that are often very similar in appearance to even slightly older casinos. Are there any clearer differences in their terms and conditions then? Maybe if something really significant a difference were to be looked for, it could be found in whether the bonus can be canceled. Until recently, all bonuses received from casinos were those that did not have a so-called withdrawal option. In practice, this meant that the deposit made by the player seemed to be locked in place and was subject to a wagering requirement just like the bonus received from the casino.

In the case of such a revocable bonus, you always play first with your own money and only then with the bonus. In such a situation, there are no redemption requirements or other conditions attached to your own deposit, but you can make exactly the kind of bets you want. If luck is on the way and you think you win enough money, you can request a withdrawal that is not accompanied by a recycling requirement.

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