Free Spin Online

Free spins are extra spins that you can get for free, sometimes on pre-determined slot machines. They are often part of a welcome bonus, but you can also be lucky enough to get free spins, for example by registering or via other promotions. It also varies somewhat when it comes to turnover requirements. This can actually range from between 20 and 50 times the winnings won with free spins. Some online casino games also give out completely free spins.

Different types of free spins
There are several different types of free spins, depending on the type of welcome bonus you receive and the rules of the online casino. It can also be the case that it is predetermined which slot machine you can use your free spins. If you are extra lucky, you can get free spins only by registering as well, and in this way this is a completely deposit-free bonus.

Free spins upon registration
Several online casinos give out free spins when you sign up. This means that you do not have to deposit money to receive them, and they act as a deposit-free welcome bonus. You can use these to, for example, try out different games, so you know how they work before you bet money. The number of free spins you get when registering can often be somewhat lower than free spins that are included in a deposit bonus. It goes without saying that you have to invest a little to take part in the really big benefits, so do not expect to get dozens of free spins when registering. They still have a great value for you as a player, as you can find your favorite game without betting too much.

Free spins with no wagering requirements
The vast majority of welcome bonuses and free spins will come with a wagering requirement. But you can be lucky to receive free spins that are completely without turnover requirements. This means that you withdraw money from winnings won with the online free spins, without having to bet these a certain number of times first. Here you should also not expect a large number of free spins, as casinos would like to have a little back for what they hand out. But if you are so lucky that you win big on a free spin, you at least do not have to think about having to play for a certain number of times the winning amount.

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