Game Of Keno

Playing keno is not that difficult. It is a bingo variant that has come over from China to Europe. The original game is played with 80 numbers that you select 20. After you have selected, the balls fall in sequence. The more numbers you predict correctly with Keno, the more you win. Online Casinos have taken over Keno and changed it slightly to make it even more attractive. The funniest and most played variant at online casinos is bonus keno. Here you play with 2-10 numbers and you can win jokers when a selected number falls. 5 jokers give you a free bonus round where winnings are doubled! The jokes remain until you reach 5, even if you close the page or the casino and continue playing at another time.

Bonus keno also has a progressive jackpot (not in play mode) when the lost numbers together form the letter ‘J’ which is shown opposite. The jackpot is paid according to the stake level you played. If you play with the maximum bet level (5), you get 100% of the jackpot. At level 4 you get 80% and then 20% is deducted from each lower bet level that you play. The payout when you play Keno depends on the number of numbers selected and the number of correctly predicted numbers. For example, if you only select 2 numbers and one of these two cases, you will get your bet back. If they both fall, you win 7x your bet. But if you have chosen 3 numbers and all fall, you will already win 23x your bet.

We have listed all payments for you in the table. To determine the best Keno strategy, we need to know the expected value of a game. For this we determine the number of possible combinations to draw the balls. In addition, we look at the payout and can then calculate how much chance we have of winning back the amount traded or the payout percentage. In order not to burden you with difficult calculations, we have done all this for you for bonus keno. The result can be found on the right in the table above. So it is best to play with 5 numbers. In addition, the bonus game and the jackpot are not included in the table because they are variable and therefore cannot be calculated exactly. They will help the payout percentage by about 5%. If you also unlock a casino bonus, it will be even more profitable to play Keno.

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