Guide to live casinos

The best live casinos guarantee a great gaming experience and a real environment. Anyone who wants to entertain in the virtual game library does not have to travel long distances and does not have to follow the dress code, which is still applied in many casinos today. With state-of-the-art technology and software, casino visitors can choose their transition with a single click and simply change their angle of view to give the impression that they are actually sitting at the table live. HD cameras guarantee fascinating image quality and the cards are read with electronic chips and RFID technology, so that the evaluation of each round is fast and reliable.

At the best live casinos, of course, you will also meet real and fully trained croupiers online. According to our casino experience, “retailers” are characterized by know-how, high friendliness and service-orientation. Most online gambling operators will offer you a gaming table with a wide range of wagering levels and attractive casino bonuses, as a welcome offer in the live casino area if you are making a deposit to this live casino for the first time. It is not, of course, a dispute to be one of the best. Therefore, we personally test each service provider from registration to payment and can tell you exactly what makes the gaming experience and what could work even better.

Some of the things that are important to us in a live casino are:

  • Game selection: What games and how many tables are available?
  • Mobiles Live-Casino: Can live games be played on the road on a Smartphone or tablet?
  • Bonus: Is it also suitable for live casino games and how high is it?
  • Live Casino Software: How many providers does the casino work with?
  • Betting Limits: How many or how many players can bet per table?
  • Photo: Does a casino generally have a good reputation?
  • Payments: Is the selection of popular payment methods good?
  • Customer service: How can the applicant be contacted and how can he / she satisfactorily help?

If you are looking for the best live dealer casinos, you have come to the right place. In our detailed live casino tests, we have even more information on bonus terms, game selection, payment methods, registration, payouts and responsible gaming. But we also know that every casino player has their own preferences. So it can’t hurt if you look at the live dealer’s casino yourself and contact the staff if necessary before registering. This way, you can find out for yourself if the service provider has everything you need to know.

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