How is Trustly used?

One of the biggest benefits of the service is its ease. Using Trustly is not much different from using regular online banking. Different online casino sites may have different ways to make a Trustly deposit, but the differences are not significant. The use of Trustly does not require any separate IDs or special actions on the part of the user. You can pay to the casino quite normally, and Trustly acts as a payment intermediary.

You first select Trustly as the deposit method and specify the amount to be deposited, after which you will be transferred to the Trustly server!
You will then select your online bank!
Log in to your bank with your online banking ID / mobile certificate and confirm the deposit!
The deposit will arrive in your game account immediately!

Trust cooperates with almost all payment services and banks, and all major banks support transfers made through Trustly. You can also transfer money from other banks through Trustly, but this may take longer. Trustly also offers the opportunity to cash out profits and is one of the best if not the best money transfer services for this. Repatriation through Trustly is as easy as depositing. Simply click Home and your winnings will arrive in your bank account at their best immediately.

Trustly does not charge any brokerage fees for the funds you transfer, so you will receive the full amount of the money you deposit at the online casino, as well as withdrawals in full to your own bank account. However, please note that Trustly cannot influence the possible processing times of the online casino. Although Trustly’s operations are immediate, the online casino may suspend withdrawals due to, for example, document requests.

Trust has a minimum withdrawal amount of €20 and a maximum of €1 million. As mentioned, the funds will appear in your bank account immediately unless the online casino requires separate action on the payment. The weekend may also bring a delay in Trustly’s immediate withdrawal. If you make a withdrawal request at the casino on a Friday night, it may take until Monday morning for the winnings to be credited to your account. However, this is due to banks, not casinos, as Trustly’s automated withdrawals also work on weekends.

Trustly’s biggest strengths are the ease of use of the service and its speed. Most players value precisely these qualities, and for good reason. You can get into a couple of casino games without waiting. The same works in the other direction when luck goes and you grab winnings from the casino, Trustly also works very quickly when withdrawing winnings. The money will usually appear in your bank account immediately.

Trustly is also known by name for its safety. As mentioned in the previous section, Trustly is a listed and licensed service. In addition, Trustly supports domestic online banking, so it is easy for a player to complete payment transactions using familiar online banking. Trustly does not need to use it any longer to get used to it, as the ease of use of the service makes the transfer of money very pleasant for the customer. After using Trustly a few times, you can pay with a few clicks.

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