Online keno is a popular game, so if you haven’t start, play miraculously in 2021. Every day keno is played around the world, and more and more often it’s online keno.  Playing keno is mainly based on the lottery. For this reason, it is also an excellent choice for novice casino players. Namely, there is no need to learn a very large number of different rules. And there are no complicated strategies to be honed in any way. Of course, there are rules for playing Keno, which we will explain in more detail below. But they have been learned in an instant. There are also some mathematical tactics that can improve your chances of winning. We will return to that later.

Keno’s rules aren’t really complicated, but they differ somewhat between Online Casinos. Mainly the differences in the rules differ in how many numbers you can dial. Likewise, of course, the number of numbers to be valued, as well as the total number of numbers, differ. The most commonly selected numbers are 2-10, and the total number of numbers is 80. So also how many numbers there are in the game at all can vary slightly. We will return to other options below. After that, the winning numbers are drawn. The maximum possible prize will pop into the account if the player has selected the maximum number of numbers and all of the numbers selected by the player are correct.

Of course, this is also the least likely. The lowest payout comes if you have selected the maximum number of numbers and the lowest payable amount is correct. Between these, the win comes, therefore, not the smallest, nor the largest, if you have chosen more than the minimum, but less than the maximum, and more numbers are correct.  The pay table with different selections and bet amounts should definitely be checked in advance on the pages of the venue you have chosen. Bad luck payout means, in direct translation, paying for bad luck and receiving payment. That’s what it means in the context of online keno. Namely, some online casinos have a nice feature that you also win if you don’t get any numbers correctly.

While playing Keno isn’t rocket science, it’s easier to get started by knowing the key terms.

  • Catch – When the keno draw includes the number you have selected for your coupon, it is a “catch”
  • Quick Pick – The so-called quick game. The machine dials the numbers for you.
  • Pay Table – a payout table that shows how much your payout is based on the numbers you choose, the correct numbers, and the bet you place
  • Aggregate Limit – The maximum amount a casino pays in a single round. This amount of money the casino pays up to per round regardless of other variables.
  • Combination Ticket – a coupon where you have played several different numbers and possibly the number of numbers. Same as in the traditional lottery, if you fill in more than one grid on the coupon.
  • Sleeper – a coupon played with a win, but the win is un-redeemed

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