Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat is a very lively and electrifying version of the famous card game. For this, the editor has integrated special maps that can really change everything. In summary, here’s how things go.At the start of each game, between 1 and 5 electrified cards are drawn at random from the deck of the game . They appear, in the middle of the lightning bolts, at the bottom left of the screen. Each of these cards is flanked by a multiplier, also random, ranging from x2 to x8 . If one or more of these cards is also part of those present in the game and you win the game, then your winnings will be multiplied by the multipliers of each of the cards concerned.

For example, if you win the game and you have two Lightning cards with x2 and x8 respectively, then your winnings will be multiplied by 2 × 8; either by 16.This system offers the possibility of winning exceptional prize levels ; especially since several flash cards can carry the same multiplier. Basically, you can win up to 262,144 times your initial win. Note also that when the Lightning cards are drawn, your initial bet is flanked by an additional 20%, just to make you win even bigger.For the rest, the games are generally played as on a classic live baccarat table, with the same basic payout levels: a winning bet on the player’s hand pays 1: 1, a winning bet on the banker’s hand likewise. (less the 5% commission) and a winning bet on a tie pays 5: 1.

Like the previous titles of the Lightning family, Lightning Baccarat adopts the style of a live table resembling a TV show with numerous graphic animations throughout the games. The game takes place in live streaming from one of the studios specially equipped by the publisher of Riga.Perfectly designed, the gaming environment is inspired by that of Asian casinos, where Baccarat is king.

The croupier who animates the parties is therefore installed in a red / gold decoration in the Art Deco style, with some evocations of Asian culture.Throughout the games, light shows and the appearance of special cards accompanied by flashes of light make the experience particularly captivating. To all this are added various sound effects and sound animations for even more spectacle.

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