Limit your losses

There are many steps you can take to limit your losses at the casino. These are the most important.

Stop gambling online completely

The first step you can take is also the most radical: stop online gambling completely. This is a step that is difficult to implement at the moment. There is currently no register where you can register to be blocked at online casinos.

Get yourself temporarily de-registered

Take a timeout and temporarily unsubscribe from the Online Casino. This can usually be for a period of a month, six months or a year. During that period your account will be temporarily closed and you can no longer log in. Do you still have a balance?

Have this paid out before you temporarily close your account. After all, you can no longer access it during the term of the time out. As soon as the period has expired, your account will be unlocked and you can log in again. Sometimes at the online casino you must first contact the help desk or submit a written request.

Set limits

At a good online casino it is possible to set limits in different ways. This is a very good working method that can help you not to go beyond your own boundaries. At good online casinos you can set your own limits by adjusting your player profile. At other, less reliable online casinos you will only be able to set limits via the help desk. We do not recommend playing at these types of online casinos.

There are many different limits you can set:

Deposit limit: set the maximum amount of money you can deposit per day, week or month.

Loss Limit: This is especially useful if you have a lot of money in your account. Set the maximum amount of money you can lose per period and avoid losing everything again.

Time limit: this allows you to set the maximum amount of time you can play per period. This is a good measure if you know that you often lose yourself in the game and that sense of time disappears.

Withdrawal Lock: more and more online casinos give you the option to lock your payouts. As a result, it is no longer possible to reverse a payment.

Wagering Limit: This limit looks at the total amount of money you have wagered in the casino (the total “turnover”). Once you have reached this total maximum bet for a certain period of time, the casino will temporarily stop you from playing.

In some online casino, it is made very easy for you to set personal limits. Within a few seconds you can indicate exactly how much you want to deposit, what you want to lose and how long a betting session can last.

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