A live casino contains the same games as a physical casino, and they really have no difference other than that the live casino operates online. Game dealers are real people who run a game over the internet on the other side of the globe.The first live casinos were announced as early as 2007, when the time was not yet very good due to poor network connections. In 2019, the time will be different, as smartphone network connections will be faster than a decade ago no one would have thought. This, of course, means that the functionality of live casinos is top notch, and the delay from the internet connection is not noticed at all. This is important so that the events of the game are visible in real time to all participants and the camera depicting the dealer shows the situations in real time.

Thus, live casinos are a kind of video and casino game-based casinos run by real people. Live casino games are also the same as what can be played at regular casinos. There is poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and many other casino games. Now you can play even from the couch in a bathrobe, and you don’t have to dress finely for a casino night. The excitement is still just as tangible as players don’t play against the computer.There are a variety of criteria for a good live casino. The selection of games is, of course, one of the most important.

A good live casino includes slightly rarer games in addition to the usual table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. Baccarat is reasonably common these days, but different versions of the monopoly have been seen in different casinos, for example. Good Live Casinos use little imagination to offer a variety of gaming experiences. Of course, there are enough basic games for many, so even a smaller selection can be good enough, as long as the games themselves are well implemented and the live casino technology plays stubbornly. Live casino bonuses are very much the same as regular online casinos. Live Retailer online casinos also offer introductory offers in the same way to new live casino customers.

Introductory offers include deposit bonuses, various tournaments and cashback. Deposit bonuses work like online casinos. In connection with the deposit, the new customer receives a certain percentage of bonus money. At live casinos, the maximum bonuses can be in the thousands of euros. As with online casinos, there is a wagering requirement when using bonus money. This means that you cannot withdraw the bonus money you receive into your own account, in other words, withdraw it immediately. The player must therefore play a pre-determined amount of bonus money, after which any winnings can be withdrawn to their own account or withdrawn.