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Playing at online casinos is always exciting, as you bet your own money. Losing is exciting with a guarantee, but so is the chance to get huge pots from online casino games. Live casino raises the excitement even higher with more power as live casinos are played against real people. The board dealer or game manager of a table game is the real person against whom the players are playing. So are the other participants in the game.

Live casinos are a kind of global or at least EU-wide casinos that do not look at nationality or anything else. All adults are allowed to participate! The live casino discusses and communicates with the dealer or game manager, but this also happens with other players. The splitter is shown using a webcam and the conversation takes place in a chat, so the sounds from the handsets are also part of the gaming experience, which is approaching a real situation. Live casino gaming could be compared to the online multiplayer games familiar with digital gaming, where all participants are at home but chat via chat and possibly see each other on the screen using a webcam. It is also quite permissible for other players to ask for instructions and throw small Talk in a reasonable amount, but so that the players are not disturbed.

Recently, live streaming from regular casinos has also become more common. Players can take on the same table games as customers playing in a regular, physical casino. Thus, a player at a live casino can play against regular casino customers and the dealer, bringing the gaming experience even closer to an authentic stone-footed casino experience. In such games, live casino players are required to have a little more patience, as the dealers strive to serve all customers, of which, of course, the so-called “physical” customers take precedence over the speed of service.

The functionality of live casinos on mobile has recently taken a big step forward as some gaming manufacturers have started making live casinos specifically aimed at mobile gaming. At many live casinos, playing on a mobile can be challenging in part, mainly because of the small screens on mobile devices. For some, on the mobile devices, playing at a live casino can be a completely natural thing they’re just used to.

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