Live Dealer Casino Games

Since the appearance of the live dealer in most online casinos, all the gaming industries are talking about this. The option “live dealer” or “live dealer” is the new method of play designed by online casinos to communicate the online player with a real dealer or a real dealer. The “live dealer” option only applies to table games such as blackjack, roulette and bacarrat. The operating mode of a live dealer is very simple. Online casinos that offer this type of game are often in collaboration with land-based casinos that give them the green light to directly film the progress of a game.

To do this, land-based casinos have installed video cameras capable of seeing the game table as well as the croupier in action: dealing cards or handling dice, organizing tokens, etc. that is to say that you will instantly follow all the gestures and the progress of the game from your computer. All you need is a computer and a good connection to access it. And on the other hand, the dealer or croupier is also equipped with a screen from which he will read and execute all your actions as well as your orders such as bets, and many more. For example, in a live dealer blackjack game, when you want to draw a card, the dealer will draw the card for you and put it on the table.

Rest assured, the dealer as well as the other players at your table will only see your nickname, your bankroll and your actions. In summary, the “live dealer” mode in an online casino is so close to reality that the online player and the dealer can communicate directly. To play in “live dealer” mode you must first find an online casino offering this option. Then you need to download and install the casino software offered by the site. Once the software is launched, save your password and username and you can start playing.To get started, you have to choose where you want to play.

Then click on the table to join the game. If the table is already full, you will be placed on the waiting list or you will choose another table. Once on the table, you choose your seat yourself and can finally start the game. Usually you have less than 2 minutes to place your bets. This delay appears on the left of your screen. Finally, confirm your bet by clicking on “Confirm Bets”. In each live dealer, you will find an option: “Change Table” which allows you to change the game table as much as you want. Indeed, you will have the possibility to play different games at the same time and to consult the results of the other tables.

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