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Online casinos are a small revolution in the world of gambling. Previously, you had to travel to the physical establishment of your choice to indulge in roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slots and many other games. For some of you who live near a land-based casino, moving around was not a problem. On the other hand, for those who have their domicile quite far away, this outing could prove to be long and expensive. Imagine driving two or three hundred kilometers to play, it can quickly become a mission.

This is why virtual casinos, as soon as they were put online, were quickly adopted by many players.But the players are so solicited that it sometimes becomes difficult for them to make their choice. So the casino operators must redouble their efforts to always bring novelty and freshness, so as never to bore the player. Live dealers follow this logic. Let’s discover this new game mode together.We have to be honest, this game mode is really fun.

When you see a game where it is written “Live dealer” or “Live dealer”, it means that it adopts this game mode.Normally, in an online casino, the system manages everything. Take the example of a game of blackjack. It is the system which will take care of the distribution of the cards, to state the actions, to distribute the winnings,… Some players love it, but the purists, the amateurs of real casino found these practices can be a little too basic.

To delight them, the casino operators had the idea of ​​integrating real dealers into their system.It works very simply: when you enter the gaming table from your pc, you will have an insert which will be reserved for the video. In this insert, you will see the image of your croupier. This croupier is behind a video camera which transmits his image. Obviously, players are very fond of this game mode because it brings several things to players that another online casino cannot:

At first, it makes sense, it makes your part a lot more alive. You have a presence that makes the game less monotonous.

Then, be aware that this allows you to accommodate several players at the same table simultaneously. This means that your gaming experience will be the same as what you might have in a real casino.

Finally, because everything is similar, this game mode will be a good way to train without stress and acquire the reflexes to apply them to the tables if you also frequent land-based casinos.

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