Live Play Casino Games

The casino offers a very comprehensive live casino package with many different options for many tastes. The wide range of options includes a number of different casino games that you can enjoy virtually from home. Expert game managers make sure that the game always runs as smoothly as possible. We offer many different variants of live games:

Live Blackjack- Live blackjack is one of the absolute kings of live games. Blackjack is perhaps the best known of casino card games. It offers the player a very high return rate, good control over the course of the game, and lots of special options to influence the course of the game. In blackjack, the player can influence the return rate of the game by playing according to the so-called optimist strategy. By making the right decisions at the right points, you can maximize your return percentage.

Live Roulette- Live Roulette is an integral part of our live casino offering. In roulette, players place their own bets, but otherwise, the course of the game cannot be influenced. The game manager spins the roulette wheel and all winnings are paid according to where the ball stops. In this game, the tempo is calmer than in virtual roulette, but on the other hand, it is much faster than in a real stone-foot casino, where you have to wait longer for other players to bet.

Live baccarat- Baccarat is often a table game overshadowed by roulette and blackjack but offers a very interesting option for the player. Quite a simple game, like other live games, offers a fairly high bounce rate, and the pace of the game is pleasantly fast.

Live Hold’em- Live Hold’em, a live casino version of casino poker, is an interesting alternative to video poker, for example. In this game, players play against the dealer and get to place different bets on a varied scale, with any winnings automatically being paid into the player’s game account. Like blackjack, this game allows the player to make choices during the game as well. It is well suited for players who want to be able to influence the course of the game as much as possible.

To play live casino games on our site, you must first create a gaming account for yourself. Quick registration is quick and gives you access to all the top games on our site. Once you sign in, you can watch live games right away, and you don’t have to bet money right away if you don’t want to. You can watch the live broadcasts in peace and get acquainted with the progress of the game before you bet your own money and jump in.

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