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Today, more cell phones and tablets are used in almost all areas of life and work than desktop computers and laptops combined. And this fact also applies to the area of ​​gambling. Most online casinos nowadays have at least a basic offer for playing on the mobile devices , but there are also some mobile gambling websites that do everything to please their players and to offer a spectacular gaming experience on the smartphones and tablets .

However, for a casino that we have reviewed to be classified as exceptional and mobile-friendly and to be at the top of our ranking, the “usual” qualities that we are looking for in online casinos are not enough on their own. Almost all online casinos have at least a certain basic mobile version of their Casino Website . This enables the players to play with their phones or tablets. But there aren’t that many casinos that have done this really well. Starting to play in a mobile casino is very easy and straightforward. Basically, all you have to do is choose the best online casino, create a customer account there and start playing .

There are two main types of mobile online casinos:

Browser based mobile casinos, which are sometimes also called “instant casinos”
Downloadable (Download) Mobile Casinos (“Casino Apps”)
The browser-based mobile casinos can be accessed at any time from any smartphone with a common internet browser. All you have to do is enter the casino’s URL into your browser, log in (or open an account first) and tap on the game you want to play.

However, there aren’t that many games left that rely on this technology. Most of the casino games currently available in online casinos can be played on mobile devices. These games were created with the programming language ” HTML5 ” and are therefore supported by all modern browsers.And the proportion of mobile-friendly casino games will only continue to grow in the near future , as all new games are of course only implemented for mobile use. Many of the older games are currently being redesigned to accommodate the growing number of mobile gamers.

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