Nonsticky bonus

The nonsticky bonus is a bonus type that has become the number one bonus in online casinos in recent years and is favored by practically all the most experienced casino players. The nonsticky bonus, or forfeitable bonus, works very user-friendly and allows you to conveniently withdraw your winnings directly in cash, even if you have redeemed the online casino bonus. In short, this is a revocable deposit bonus. The principle of the nonsticky bonus is that the money you deposit yourself is kept separate from the money you receive as a bonus. Thanks to this distinction, you can give up bonus money and cash out your winnings freely if you grabbed it early on while playing with your own money. In this situation, you do not have to worry about recycling requirements or any other rules or restrictions at all.

On the casino listings, you will find a huge number of old and new online casinos that offer nonsticky bonuses. A nonsticky bonus means a deposit bonus granted by an online casino that you can withdraw in a situation that suits your interests. The deposit you make in the nonsticky bonus and the bonus money you receive through it are not tied together but are separated into a cash balance and a bonus balance.

And now comes the most essential thing about the whole thing:

After redeeming the bonus, you will first play with the cash balance, ie the money you have deposited yourself. If you win while playing with this cash balance, you are free to withdraw your winnings at any time. Withdrawal of the winnings you receive with the cash balance will give up the bonus money, ie you will cancel the bonus. As long as you play with your cash, you don’t have to stress at all about the casino bonus rules, terms and conditions, redemption requirements and potential winnings. All winnings are home, and if there’s a real jackpot, what’s sweeter once you’ve opted for the nonsticky bonus, there’s no fear of losing it at this point. Repatriation of money is quite normal.

If you win so much with the funds you deposit that you decide to cash out the winnings, you will automatically forfeit the bonus money you have received according to the terms of the nonsticky bonus. So the bonus will be canceled, but it will hardly be annoying if you once managed to grab your plaque as a nice amount of winnings. Of course, when it comes to making a big profit, it is always definitely wise to raise money for yourself.

The casino bonus terms and conditions of your choice, such as the wagering requirement, the time available for winning, the maximum bet and the winning percentages for the various games, will only take effect if you have used up your cash without winning and continue playing. At this point, bets will be deducted from your bonus balance, ie the bonus money you receive. The situation will change dramatically, as when playing with a bonus balance, you will no longer be able to withdraw your money freely, but in order to make a withdrawal request, you must first meet the redemption requirement and other applicable conditions. When you choose a nonsticky bonus, the wagering requirement only applies to bonus money.

So what would be the opposite option? Well, of course, the redemption requirement applies to both the deposit you make and the bonus money you receive. And you don’t have to be a mathematician to conclude that a nonsticky bonus is a much better option for the player: you can cash out your winnings early in the game freely and you need to recycle a significantly smaller amount than in a heavy old sticky bonus.

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