Odds from the player’s

All of us want to play high-yield gambling games and possibly hit the jackpot. It is of course important to draw the right conclusions from information such as the quota. From a player’s point of view, it is crucially responsible for which game can be described as fair from a financial point of view. The higher the average RTP values of the games that fill everyday life as a result, the better the chances of the desired success. Since no one wants to gamble away their money lightly, scrutiny is of great importance.

On the other hand, it is not possible to draw conclusions about the success or failure of the next game rounds from the payout ratio alone. Even with a rate of 100 percent, players could get nothing. On the other hand, profits are also possible where there is actually a miserable rate of only 70 percent. It is therefore not possible to draw conclusions about compliance with the odds or manipulation of the machines from the results of a few rounds of the game alone. From a player’s point of view, there is always a need for some trust when it comes to dealing with the odds. For the slot machine payout rate, we therefore need the information from the official inspection bodies, provided that the respective casino has a corresponding seal.

This is how you can see the chance of winning
Luckily, slot RTP is a piece of information that is very readily available to us. In fact, just looking at the game’s info card is enough to find out. The exact percentage is entered there, which flows back into your account. Most of the time you can discover the small “i” in the slots, which tells you the way there. One-click is enough to get a lot more information about the respective game. Most of the time you have to scroll down a bit to finally come across the letters “RTP”. The percentage that you can see directly behind it gives you the exact payout percentage.

Tip: You may be wondering at what value we can speak of a fair payout ratio that makes it worth starting the game. If you want to find the best payout percentage in an online casino, you probably have to click through a few games. Otherwise, we can only advise you not to play games with a score of less than 95 percent. Finally, the true top range of the best games starts at a value of 97 percent.

The payout percentage for slots was even stipulated by law. At least 50 percent of the stakes had to go back to the players. Today this regulation no longer exists, only the maximum losses are fixed. Fortunately, there is no payout ratio that would fall below 50 percent at today’s reputable casinos. And casino games fall below 90 percent, otherwise, they would no longer be competitive.

Of course, in the world of gambling, there are no guaranteed wins or 100 percent chance of winning. Incidentally, mathematically such a chance of winning would not mean that every player takes home a win. Let’s say ten players play the same slot machine in a row and bet 10 euros each. Even with the perfect payout percentage of 100 percent, with which the operator no longer makes a profit, a player can take home 100 euros while the other nine have lost completely. This should be kept in mind by anyone who sees the RTP as the real deal.

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