If you are interested in playing blackjack from the comfort of your own home, you will be happy to know that many varieties of game types can be found online.You can even Play Blackjack Games, where a dealer is broadcast live from casino anywhere in the world!

Unfortunately, there are many casinos that are unlicensed and are essentially scams, but you will find a list of legitimate and controlled online casinos here on our website. Now that you’re familiar with what you can do, it’s also important to understand how dealer will play their rule hand .

Unlike playing against random opponent, the dealer must comply with certain game rules both online and land based casinos.There are tricks to any game and casino blackjack is no exception!Professional players have made a living with this casino classic by following specific game tactics.Let’s describe some basic tips and more advanced ones that will guarantee you to be a blackjack winner!

First: Pay attention to the cards and the number of decks

Card counting is illegal, we all know that, but keeping track of the cards that have been dealt into your hands is a great way to understand your chances of being dealt a particular card.

The fewer cards the dealer shuffles, the easier it will be to keep track of which cards have not yet been dealt. That’s exactly why the fewer decks being used, the better. Unfortunately, most land-based casinos don’t offer blackjack games with less than 6 decks, which is why we recommend online blackjack.

The good thing about online blackjack is that almost every online casino offers a single-deck version of the game, but the cards are randomly shuffled between each hand.

While this makes it difficult to discern a pattern, you can still make solid guesses about which cards are left in the deck, especially if you’re playing a single-deck and multi-handed version!

Second: use a simple strategy system.

A simpler and more common betting strategy in blackjack because it doesn’t involve card counting, it simply requires you to adjust the bet amounts depending on whether you win or lose a hand.

Following this strategy is guaranteed to leave the table with more than you came. The key is to follow simple rules:

If your hand wins, add a chip to your bet.

If you lose your hand, bet the same amount as before.

After earning some money by covering your wins, restart progression.

Never raise more than 1 chip per hand!

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