Online casino shuffles the cards

It’s probably not just me who has sat and played casino online and during a game of blackjack started to wonder how the site shuffles the cards. Everything is digital. How can I know that the cards are really shuffled, and not just placed in a certain order that causes me to lose slowly but surely? It all made me wonder, and I decided to investigate a bit. Many Online Casino Websites , both for casino and poker, show that their random number generator is certified and approved according to all the rules of the art. Basically, it is a bit problematic with random number generators on computers, because these are never completely random. The computer and processor follow instructions, and you can never give a computer instructions that are completely random.

Exactly why it does not work, I do not even intend to try to go into, since I barely understand it myself. It still has to do with the fact that in computer randomness generators one uses the data clock, which does not do it completely randomly.Of course, it is possible to get a good random number generator on computers, but when it comes to gambling, this does not hold up anyway. It will simply not be the same as if you have to randomize the type of weapon an enemy is going to lose in a game, or if you have to get ten random numbers in Excel.

This must be about completely real coincidences. To get real coincidences in a computer, or an online casino in this case, you need external input. You thus take in information from outside that is included in the algorithm to randomize how the cards are shuffled. Before we move on to the external information in random number generators, we will talk a bit about the problems around the random number generator in, for example, Excel. Excel’s random number generator is a so-called PRNG, which stands for “Pseudo Random Number Generator”. As the name suggests, it is not completely reliable.

The reason for this is, as mentioned above, that it is never possible to get real coincidences in a computer. For example, in Excel, the random function is built into the program’s code. It is a so-called software algorithm that determines how the random number generator works there. This means that if you use Excel’s random number generator to shuffle the cards, it is possible that it will be random enough to pass all tests and that the random number generator will thus be approved.

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