Online Live casino games 2021

There are many types of live casino games today, but the most popular are traditional dice and card games. There are also many different variations of many games, ie the same game can be offered with different rule variations or bet variations, for example.

Live Blackjack: Blackjack is a very popular game in live casino games, where the idea is to aim for number 21. Both the dealer and the player get the cards and the player can decide for themselves when to stop taking the cards. The player and the dealer therefore play over which cards get closer to the goal. The game is lost if the score exceeds the target. In Live Blackjack, you see the dealer and you can watch when the cards are dealt. However, the dealer or other players at the table can’t see you, so you can, for example, display the game’s strategy table without others seeing you doing so. Blackjack can be played at a live casino with many different stakes, and low-stakes games are also great for the smaller budget player as well as the beginner. Blackjack requires some knowledge of strategy as well as familiarity with the rules, but a brave beginner can very well enjoy live tables as well.

Live poker: Live poker is a popular alternative to video and online poker. The best live casinos offer a wide variety of poker tables and are entertained precisely because of the authentic casino experience they offer. At a live casino, poker is played against the house, so of course, the experience isn’t quite the same as sitting physically at a table playing with a larger group. In online poker, this option is available, but on the other hand, of course, it lacks the entertaining gamekeeper, the rustle of cards and other background sounds.

The most popular live poker games are Texas Hold’em poker, Caribbean Stud and Three Card Poker. At a live casino, for example, Texas Hold’em can feel a little strange in the absence of other players at the table. The game is played against the dealer, but there can still be more players. However, everyone makes their own decisions and the atmosphere is completely devoid of, among other things, the interpretation of other players expressions and gestures and other elements that normally bring excitement to the game. However, live casino poker can be an entertaining experience.

Live Roulette: Everyone knows the popular roulette wheel, as it is one of the most common symbols associated with the gambling world. The roulette has a separate wheel and game table, both with numbers 0-36. The bets are placed on the table and the game itself takes place on a roulette wheel. In addition to numbers, numbers and colors are guessed. On the roulette wheel, each number has its own column and half of the numbers are red and half are black. Zero is given the green color. Online casinos offer numerous variations of roulette, the best known of which include European and American roulette. Roulette is perfect for beginners and lovers of games of chance, as it does not require any strategic skills at all.

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