Online Video Poker Games

Video poker is one of the most interesting online games, and several casinos offer it, both in free and paid version. Demos have many advantages for players, since they give them the opportunity to learn the rules easily. In addition, there are so many variations online, bettors will be able to take advantage of the demos to test all the different versions that interest them. This gives them the opportunity to try out new betting strategies and to prepare themselves as well as possible before playing for real money.

Top 5 free online video poker games

Since it is a mix between slot machine and poker, this title is very popular, and all online casinos offer it, of course. In addition, there are many free online video poker games out there, and each one has rule variations that make it unique. Here are the five best variations that you will find on the internet:

Jacks or Better : Literally translated as “Jacks or Better,” Jacks or Better is one of the more popular variations of video poker. If the basic principle is the same as that of the classic version (you will make the same types of decisions regarding the cards that are dealt to you, and you will receive a payout according to your final hand), it should be noted that here, the weakest combination is a pair of Jacks.

Deuces Wild : Not only is Deuces Wild one of the most popular variations online, it is also the most interesting. Indeed, it is very easy to obtain winning combinations there, because there are four jokers during the game. In fact, all 2 cards in the deck act as wild cards and can substitute for all the others to make it easier to create a better hand. However, if you want to land a win you need to at least have a set, and if during the game you get a special combination like a pair of 2s you will have an even higher prize.

Joker Poker : What sets this free online variant apart from other games is that it is played with a 53-card deck, i.e. 52 regular cards plus a joker. Obviously, the latter has the possibility of replacing any card, in order to allow you to obtain winning combinations more easily. Here, the lowest payout combination is the pair of Kings. Also, you will notice that the payments granted are very interesting.

Aces and Faces : This free variant focuses on Aces and Face cards, which means that all numeric cards are completely useless in terms of getting a winning combination. If you want to have a win, you have to get a pair of aces or face cards. Also, one of the specification of this game concerns the strongest hand. In fact, if in the classic version the strongest hand is the Royal Straight Flush, the highest here is the Aces (four Aces).

Tens or Better : This is by far one of the simpler games. The perfect option for anyone looking to enjoy something other than the classic version. As the name of this free game suggests, you will need to make at least a pair of 10s or have a better hand if you want to win. The rules for this variation are pretty straightforward, but there are a few specific strategies you can apply.

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