Online Welcome Bonus

The most common welcome bonus at casinos is called the deposit bonus or match bonus, where a certain deposit percentage is set for the casino bonus. Often, for example, the bonus can be 100% up to €100, which means that when a player deposits €100, they will receive another €100 in bonus money from the casino, for a total of €200 in the bankroll. On the other hand, if a player deposits €50, he will receive €50 in bonus money from the casino.

Sometimes deposit percentages can be lower or higher. There is a minimum deposit amount and a maximum deposit amount for all deposit bonuses. Again, the maximum amount can range from hundreds of euros at best to several thousand euros. Welcome bonuses in some casinos can be split into multiple deposits, meaning a new player may be able to redeem deposit bonuses with the first five deposits, for example. It’s good to remember that not all of these deposits are redeemable even if you redeem the first welcome bonus. Bonuses are always voluntary and the casino cannot oblige you to redeem one.

Welcome Bonus Free Spins
Another common welcome bonus is the free spins that allow the player to spin the slots for free. Usually, free spins are available in pre-determined games, while sometimes the player can choose which game the free spins they want to use. Sometimes a free spin package includes 100 free spins that a player can immediately use in full or so that the free spins arrive in the player’s game account in smaller installments over several days. Free spins are a great way to try out online casino slots without wasting your own deposit.
The best new player bonuses include both bonus money and free spins. Due to increasing competition, several casinos have tried to develop various welcome bonuses and today it is no longer uncommon for a casino to run into cashback bonuses as a welcome bonus.

Welcome Bonus Betting
Welcome bonuses are not limited to slot games, but new player bonuses can also be redeemed for sports betting at certain online casinos. The betting bonus works on the same principle as the casino deposit bonuses. That is, in principle, the casino pays a certain percentage of the betting money into the player’s gaming account once the player has made a successful deposit. However, the amount of the betting bonus does not quite reach the level of the casino bonus, as the bonus amounts in betting range from tens to a few hundred euros. The betting bonus can also include free bets.

Welcome Bonus for Live Casino
Live Casinos have become more popular with popularity, so it’s no wonder casinos have also woken up to welcome bonuses for live casinos. More and more casinos have a welcome bonus for fully live games. It works on the same principle as the no deposit bonus and one of the most traditional live casino bonuses is 100% up to €100.

Casino Welcome Bonus No deposit
This bonus sounds almost too good to be true, but the only way is that few and select casinos offer welcome bonuses without a deposit. This means that the player does not have to make a deposit to receive the bonus. Usually, these bonuses are either a small amount of bonus money or a certain amount of free spins. What better way than to get to try casino games for free money. So grab such a bonus right away if you run into one!

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