Our guide to safe gambling

You now know how to find the right provider for gambling on the Internet and what is really important when making your choice. For playing in an online casino in general, we now want to provide you with further information that can be important for your start. So you know exactly what is important when you start playing the first games.

What is your player type?
Every casino has its very own profile when it comes to best gambling. One side may have specialized in slot machines and provided a particularly large offer in this area. Elsewhere, high-quality tables and card games are available as far as the eye can see. Therefore, as a first step, determine your player type. What would you like to play and what is important to you? If that is not yet clear, you will also find information about the absolute market leaders on our website. You can’t go wrong with these and they also have a wide range.

Find licensed vendors: Even before registering, it is important that you find out whether you are dealing with a reputable and licensed provider. All you have to do is go to the home page yourself and take a look at the logo in question. This gives you the opportunity to concentrate fully on what really counts when it comes to luck online playing.

Choose a fair bonus: Now it’s time to make a decision about the bonus. How good is the site offer and is it worth accepting the bonus? Fortunately, when it comes to reputable sites, we can often answer this question with a resounding yes. Don’t just look at the amount of the bonus and don’t let this information blind you. The actual sales conditions are much more important. Because they make it clear how difficult the path to payment actually is.

Deposit and withdraw securely: A successful online gambling registration begins with a security deposit and ends with a secure withdrawal. Therefore, choose a provider who provides reputable means of payment. Fortunately, casino payment methods are available in large numbers. We have put together the most important information about all options on our website. Only use those payment methods that are reputable in themselves. Also, be aware that deposit and withdrawal limits can vary at modern casinos.

Compare payout percentages: Thanks to the good transparency in online gambling, there is always the possibility of quantifying the chances of winning in advance. Your best friend is the RTP, which can be found on each game’s info card. The better this value is, the sooner you can end the game as the winner. As a rule of thumb, slots with values above 95 percent can be considered fair. With table and card games, the demands are even higher thanks to the classic rules.

Play structured: Especially with roulette or blackjack games, it helps not to just proceed randomly at the tables. A structure or strategy does not yet ensure a secure profit. This is a way that can increase the overall chances of winning. Beginners in particular, who otherwise have no particular clues, benefit from this approach.

Start for free: Most slots, and sometimes the table games, are free to try. All it takes is a quick click on the Play for a fun button. This gives you fictitious money or just points that you can use to test the games. In our casino test, you can see where this service is available. Real winnings are not possible in this mode. Instead, it’s a way to get a feel for slots and how they work. This offers you the chance to be well prepared when the first real missions are due later.

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