Our wish for our visitors

On our website, we would like to show you the current possibilities of the casino industry. So that you don’t have to leave the decision for one of the sites to chance, we dedicate ourselves to their offers in a clear way. It is our wish that you can gain insight from the online casino real money experience as to which provider is the best for you. When selecting the websites, our visitors have the opportunity to set their own priorities. Perhaps it is a high welcome bonus that corresponds exactly to your own ideas and should therefore be claimed. Maybe there is a special interest in the table and card games, which should therefore be available in a particularly large variety. Another player may appreciate the video slots and would like to stay with a provider who has access to a wide range in this regard. With us, you can see the online casinos experiences to find the site that can meet your personal expectations for all these questions.

What customer experiences say
Our online casino comparison test is based on our own research, for which we entered the game on different sites. But what expressiveness can be ascribed to them at all? When selecting our sources, we make sure that they are absolutely authentic. In this way, only opinions that we can consider verified are included in our reports. If you would like to inform yourself about the quality of a certain provider, it is best to use this criterion of the online casino test as a guide. Because some providers try to create a better image of themselves with embellished reports that only highlight the supposedly positive sides.

Recognize reputable online casinos yourself
The Casino Online Test is a way for our visitors to find out about the opportunities in the industry within a short period of time. But of course, it is still possible to get an impression of the reliability of the companies. However, this takes a lot of time in view of the rapidly growing offer and still cannot take all sides into account. At this point, we would like to refer to key tips that can help you make an accurate choice.

First of all, it is the look at the start page that gives the first impression. The license and its serial number should be entered in the lower area. Normally, a click on the logo is enough to get to the details of the approval. This is the absolute basic requirement to stay longer on the page. In a second step, it is possible to trust your own feeling for the site and its layout. Errors in writing and images are a clear signal in the online casino test that a provider no longer needs to be considered. A third indicator is the payment methods that the provider makes available to its customers. For example, is it possible to use secure e-wallets? Or does the company require sensitive payment data, such as that which has to be transmitted for bank transfers or payment by credit card? If this is the case, this page is also eliminated.

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