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Roulette is one of the world’s most famous and popular games of chance, and today most people play the game on the internet. There are many benefits to playing online. It is faster, easier, cheaper and there is a much better range. One of the reasons why Roulette has become so popular in casinos is that the game comes in so many different forms and that it is very easy to learn. Anyone can take a seat around the wheel, and have a fun game and a chance at huge wins. But if you want to play smarter and have a better chance of winning, it obviously helps to have a good foundation. This is exactly the basis we want to give you through this informative article. When you have finished reading, you can easily visit one of the best online casinos for Roulette in our top list.

This is how Roulette works
The first thing you need to know is that there are three main versions of Roulette: European, American and French. The European is the most common, and always a good choice. The French are a little more generous thanks to special extras. We recommend that you always play on European or French wheels.

Roulette has a very simple concept. The wheel has a total of 37 slots. One of these is 0, and landing on it without betting on it means that the players lose. The other 36 slots are split half black and red, they are also numbered. When the game starts, your croupier/dealer releases a ball into the spinning wheel. It is up to the players to predict where the ball will land. The very specific options, such as betting on a single number like 13, are the hardest to win and give the highest payouts.

If you bet on something with a higher probability, such as the ball landing on black or an even number, the payout is smaller. The worst payout for winnings in Roulette is 1 to 1. The highest can be over 500 to 1 on some of the game variants. The different options you can play on are divided into “inside” and “outside” bets. Outside means higher chances of winning but lower chances of winning and inside the opposite.

Get more games for your money with a bonus
If you are new to the game, or just want to play as much as possible for as little as possible, we recommend that you receive a bonus for the casino. If you want to explore the live casino range, it is a live bonus you should receive. If you prefer to play alone, and also like slot machines, a casino bonus is the best choice. There are no free spins to pick up for Roulette, so aim for a bonus with free money.

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