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In the game, you can usually choose for yourself whether you want to play for real or play on pretend. Look around the frame of the game and you will usually find a small box or the like to click for “test play”, “play pretend” or similar phrase. If you are at a Free Casino Game, then you do not need to do more than just click on the game. Because you play casino for free with play money, you do not get any real profit to withdraw. Your money in the game stays in the game. If, on the other hand, you run out of free money, there are no problems at all.

If you restart the game or update the page in your browser, you will get new money to play for. When you start to feel warm in your clothes with your new favorite games, the lack of excitement may make you start longing to play for real money. The thought of losing one’s own, on the other hand, may not be particularly appealing. This is when you should start looking for a casino bonus that gives you real money to play for. If you are a little lucky and looking really carefully, you may come across a free casino bonus with no deposit. Perhaps better known via the English name casino “no deposit bonus”.

With a no deposit bonus, you can register, start playing as a free casino and win money, without making your own deposit with your own money. For many, this may sound next to impossible. How would it go together? Sure, it sounds too good to be true, but it’s actually just as good as it sounds – and true! In the past, these “no deposit bonuses” could appear at some online casinos and were, however, really generous. Such a type of bonus may not appear as often as extra free spins, but it was a very generous offer like casinos once it appeared somewhere. Since the turn of the year, it has been forbidden under the Gaming Act to offer bonuses, other than welcome bonuses, at casinos.

We will therefore not see these offers pop up between rounds at our favorite casinos, but must instead keep an eye out for them among the welcome offers. When you register at an online casino, you can often choose to take advantage of a welcome bonus or not. If you choose, it could be divided into several parts. Then you can get a bonus when you register and one when you make your first deposit. The first bonus will then be a no deposit bonus, which you can play on. These free casino bonuses are often not that great, but still generous.

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