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The game Blackjack is perhaps the second most popular card game available at casinos after poker, it is about getting as close to the number 21 as possible and is both simple and exciting. Blackjack can be played at All online casinos but also at the pub and of course the land-based ones. The game is thus about getting 21 or getting as close as possible with the help of the cards you are dealt together with the dealer’s cards. This means that in Blackjack you do not really play against your teammates but against yourself and the dealer. The game has its origins in Europe, in the 21st century it was very popular to play Blackjack in the upper class but now it is played as you probably know by everyone. The modern name Blackjack comes from the early version of the game when you could get ten times the winnings if you had a spade jack or spades ace in your winning hand.

In this game there is really no strategy, the only thing you can plan is to play with caution and restraint to win. There are those who think that you can count the cards but it is not only forbidden at land-based casinos it is also exceptionally difficult to succeed. When playing at online casinos, it is not possible to do at all because you use multi decks several decks of cards in the same.

The closest you can get to overcoming the dealer is to play strategically. A strategic game means that you know what chances you have to win in different situations. These situations are decided based on what the dealer gets too short. Learn more about the winning Blackjack strategy here. By using this strategy, you increase your chances drastically as you will closer to the dealer’s chances of winning.

If you have got 16 and the dealer shows 2, it is better to stay. If the dealer instead shows 7, it is smarter to choose a new card as the risk of the dealer getting a 10-card (10 / jack / queen / king) is high, which gives them 17 and you 16, you lose. By mastering these strategies, you can play like a king, either online or at the bar. However, never forget that no matter how you play, except when you count the cards, the house always has the upper hand.

When you play blackjack games, it starts with all players at the table placing their bets, if you play online there are different tables with different minimum and maximum bets. The minimum bet for a Blackjack bord online is usually between one dollar and five dollars, the maximum is usually between one hundred dollars and 2000 dollars. The latter amount is admittedly in the highest team but there are the online casinos that have such tables.

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