Play online casino live

If you prefer to play at a “real” physical casino and are not so fond of the virtual ones, live casino might be for you. This is especially true if you want to be able to play casino from home. Then live casino is the obvious choice for you.At live casino, the game is played on real casino tables with real dealers, and you see everything through a video link with full HD and audio. Yes, it does not get any closer to a physical casino when you sit behind your screen.

You can hear the real roulette ball spinning around in the real roulette wheel.Live casino is not so passive that you just stare at the screen. When you play at a live casino, you communicate with the dealer when you make your bets during the game. If you win, you will be congratulated by the dealer, and of course you can also do small talk, just like at a physical casino. Unlike a normal casino, you avoid congestion at the tables and slot machines, and you also avoid conflicts. At a live casino, you can easily end up at a table with many other players, but the risk of quarrels is minimal.

It can even be nice to communicate with the other players, which makes the experience more social.While the online casinos, ie the virtual ones, have hundreds of casino games to choose from, most live casinos have only three or four different table games to choose from. However, there are also casinos that have a larger selection. The most common games at live casinos are Roulette, Black Jack and Baccarat. It is also the most popular table games. Most games at virtual online casinos are casino slots, which you cannot play at a live casino.Some casino games are not suitable for live casinos.

The fun thing about playing live is that there is a real dealer sitting at the other end who handles chips and cards. It would not work if someone were to sit and pull on a slot machine.The games that are not so popular would not be profitable for the casinos to offer as they require physical staffing on the part of the casinos. At the online casino’s virtual casino you can play for very small amounts if you wish. This is not the case at a live casino.

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