Play Online Dragon Tiger

This is the easiest casino games. The dealer makes two cards, one for the player (Tiger) and the other for the banker (Dragon). The player bets on who has the highest card (Dragon or Tiger) and waits for the dealer to place the cards face up. The rules of the game allow the player to place a bet, which results in both the player and the banker getting the same hand. And if a player bets on a dragon or tiger, and the game ends in a draw, there is half the bet in the house.The order of the cards from low to high is Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-JQK. Unlike most card games, Ace is the lowest card and not the highest. Thus, the player is expected to select a bet and place a bet. The biggest hand wins.

Therefore, a player only wins here when he bets on the highest hand. For example, when a player bets on Dragon and it shows the highest card, he wins. As much as it may sound too guessing, players are encouraged to be professional when betting.Like most games, players are expected to play by the rules, and so is the casino. The rules of Dragon Tiger are easy to understand. 1st, Dragon Tiger is played with standard English 52-card deck. The cards are dealt in a shoe with eight covers, except for the Jokers. The player is free to place their bets on Dragon, Tiger or Tie.

The biggest hand wins, and the Online Casino even pays money. In the event of a tie, half of the original bet will be refunded, but the tie will cost 10: 1 or more depending on the casino.The rules of the game allow players to place side bets as well. For example, a Big and Small bet gives the player a bet on whether the card awarded to Dragon or Tiger is large or small. “Big” means the value of the card is more than 7 , while “Small” means less than seven.

Players are served with other bets, such as Odd or Even bets or suits. However, side-bets are not mandatory. Return to Player Dragon Tiger accounts for 96.27%, 89.64% and 86.02% of the main bets, bets and eligible bets. For RTP, Dragon / Tiger bets are the way to go.Dragon Tiger is new casino game, at least for pounds outside of Asia. So the good way to understand its basics is to try games for free. Free games allows the player to learn how it works before moving on to real money.

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