Playing Online Live Casino Games

Once you get to the table, you can place your desired bet. Depending on the game, you won’t usually see other player’s bets or cards, but will only focus on your own play. There is always a time limit for placing a bet, within which all players must place their bet. If you don’t have time to place a bet, in most places you won’t fly out of the table, but you’ll have to wait for the game round to end to get involved. Once the bets have been placed, the dealer or game manager will start that game. The show is filmed live from the game manufacturer’s studio, and the game is always handled by iron professionals. Although the game manager appears and is heard live on your screen, you will not be photographed.

Usually, the game tables are half virtual and half live. This means that when playing roulette games, for example, the game manager spins the real roulette in the studio, but the platform on which the bets are placed is virtual. Playing at a live casino is always much slower than at fully virtual single-player tables, as other players should always be considered as well. Indeed, these games require a little more patience than usual, and live casinos are not really suitable for actual instant games.

Live casino game offerings and game manufacturers

Unlike slots, the number of game manufacturers offering live games is surprisingly small. The main reasons for this are the high cost of developing gaming platforms, and the relatively small number of players in live games, at least so far. In addition, card games and roulette often have significantly lower returns for slot makers than slots, so many manufacturers choose to leave the live casino offerings to others. The biggest players in this field are the well-known favorites Microgaming and NetEnt. Of these, live games can be found on many websites, and NetEnt is certainly the most popular game producer right after Evolution Gaming.

Microgaming is also very popular with some players due to its multi-table play feature. This allows real game table heroes to play multiple games at the same time. As mentioned earlier, the absolute pinnacle in the industry is Evolution Gaming, which has focused specifically on live casino games. The gaming platform offered by the company is second to none, and the game managers are always really hard-working professionals.

Indeed, Evolution Gaming is widely regarded as a leader in the industry, and the company has been selected countless times as the live gaming company of the year. Evolution has extensive contracts with several of the largest online casinos, and some sites may only offer games from this manufacturer. The tables of these manufacturers are sometimes encountered on websites favored, but at least for the time being quite rarely. However, the range of manufacturers is growing year by year, so there will probably be a lot of interesting new things in the industry in the future!

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